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Family Gratitude

Who wouldn’t want to spend Thanksgiving week doing this?

nick floats wmThe weather didn’t cooperate as much as anticipated. A bit windy and cool for the beach, but we still enjoyed our time together under the clouds.

beach bums wmLater we strolled beach shops, and one of us escorted a sophisticated lady.

nick n lady wmOthers of us cavorted with pirates.

jc pirate wmAnd later yet, we played some games.

C hockey wmOne evening we visited at Aunt Lori’s house with Grandma.

gram n boys wmThe next day we adventured on daring feats.

ride wmAnd, traveled to distant cities.

mirage wmcn dc wmOn the holiday we celebrated with great thanks for the time together and bountiful meal.

tnks dinner wmLater, we built a tree,

kcn tree wmand opened surprise gifts found underneath.

open gifts wmgifts open wmWe ended our time together marveling at our fine work.

tree 2 wmHow grateful I am to have had the opportunity toΒ  make and share memories with those I love.


17 thoughts on “Family Gratitude”

  1. It looks like a wonderful holiday that will generate a lot of happy memories. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that your nephews will be lobbying for more trips. πŸ™‚


    1. It was a bit cool that day, but much warmer than your beach. πŸ™‚ It was so great to see the kids experience it for the firs time.


    1. As you can see, no bundling here. It was cool when my family was here, light jacket weather. Since they left, we’ve been getting record high temps nearing 90. Feels more like July. I’ll try to fan it up your way. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, Andy.


    1. Thanks, Carrie. So many holidays have been quiet, just hubby, dog and me. This one was the kind I always dreamed of during those quiet ones. Thanks for stopping by to check it out.


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