A Peaceful Reading

From the publication DailyWord.

shuttle wmSometimes our minds may fix on lack or insufficiency – “I don’t have enough”; “There  isn’t enough time”; “That idea is impractical.” But, we need not limit our vision of what is possible. Just because something was not a part of our past does not mean it cannot be part of our future.

Thoughts of doubt and insecurity are simply remnants of an old paradigm that obscure our view. We can be grateful that outdated patterns of thinking can be changed once they are acknowledged. Release thoughts that have limited us in the past and open to divine ideas, which are ever-present.

Greater healing, prosperity, and success are ours to claim…as an expression of the Divine. A new life is possible for us right now.



  1. Very wise, Lori. The world really is filled with so much possibility. Our minds will try to make everything small and manageable, but there’s so much more. Have you ever found two dimes lying around and decided they were a message from the Universe? New pair-of-dimes? Grin.


  2. Great post. Simple example–I was certain I had no time to read during my promotional tour and I rarely did. But once I got home, I still wasn’t getting any novel reads. I decided to set aside time each afternoon and evening and now I’m reading books again. Sounds simple, but what we believe is impossible we make impossible.


    1. Yep, good point, Kourtney, if we believe something is impossible, than it is. If we believe it’s possible, then it is. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.


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