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Alternate Universe

It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare. ~ Mark Twain

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Alternate universe waterfall – read more below

I’m in an alternate universe.
Back to my old days I’d like to reverse.
What are these things I see on TV?
Nothing reflects my life or me.

They call the show reality,
but the people have no hospitality.
Not to mention the lack of morality.
My lifestyle has nothing in commonality.

The news media must think we’re incompetent.
Or, they think we’re not cognizant.
They speak as if we’re helpless.
Feigning their control as progress.

Then I hear more news
about someone who has the blues,
because they’ve been offended
by something said that was unintended.

So many words can be misconstrued,
and people take it as being rude.
Soon we’ll have to ban all language
for sensitive people with too much baggage.

How did I get to this foreign place?
How do I navigate through its space?
I feel like a stranger here.
Maybe the younger generation understands this frontier.

by Lori (L. Virelli)

What is right is often forgotten for what is convenient. ~ Bodie Thoene, Warsaw Requiem


12 thoughts on “Alternate Universe”

  1. You’re not alone. Your poem was words that I could have spoken, but not near as skillfully. Though I wonder if in our old days where things did make sense, there was someone older feeling the same we do now.
    Thank goodness for blogging or I’d have no reality I can relate to at all 😉

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  2. Awesome poem, Lori. Very true about reality tv–there is no reality in it. Scripted dramas have characters that are more like real people. 🙂


    1. It seems like the way media entertainment everywhere depicts our society, is nothing like my life. I just don’t get it, but then again, I’m becoming an old fart. 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting, Kourtney.


  3. Your poem is wonderful, and I love that Twain quote.

    We don’t watch reality TV, but even on scripted programming, I have to remind my kids that you can’t speak like these characters do. It’s always the sassy, sarcastic, rude characters we laugh at, but they’re not so funny in real life. You can imagine how much my sons love it when I pause the TV to discuss this…


    1. Aww, Mom. Hee, hee. The news, scripted programming, reality TV and the way society is depicted in general. I just don’t relate. Thank God for good parents like you who talk to their kids. Thanks for stopping by, Carrie.


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