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A Side trip on the Side Trip

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our trip back home, then later about a side trip we took. Come along with us on the brief side trip we took on our side trip.

I had originally planned one day of hiking in Tennessee. Unfortunately, just before we left, I hurt my back. I didn’t think I could get through too much hiking. We were told about a short trail to a waterfall and decided to give it a go.

Since it was a short trail, it’s a short story. We were under the impression the hike led to near the top of the waterfall and we’d be able to see it from the side (or something like that). When we arrived at the front of the trail, the sign off the side of the road said the waterfall was only three hundred yards ahead. Even easier than we imagined.

shrt trail 1 wm

Luckily we took it slow and had the dog on a leash, because  when we emerged from the brush we were narrowly close to a cliff! No warning signs. No railing. Just straight to the edge of a rocky cliff.

cliff 1 wm

I wish I could share a photo looking down, but with no railing, there was no way I was going to the edge for a shot. The previous and following photos were as close as I could get. Below, you can see the where the water curves over the rock-cliff.

cliff 2 wm

We hiked for a bit in the opposite direction along the semi-dry creek that led to the cliff.

creek wm

We were hungry for lunch by then, and decided to drive around to find the nearest town, fourteen miles away. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to a state park. There wasn’t much there to do, but we took a little stroll along this lake.

lake bridge wm

It was mostly a relaxing side trip from our side trip, with the exception of the cliff scare. I don’t understand why they didn’t have some sort of warning or railing there. If somebody’s kid takes off down the path, I pray they don’t pop out right over that cliff.

lake trees wmThanks for coming along on our brief hike.


20 thoughts on “A Side trip on the Side Trip”

  1. I would have been FREAKED OUT by that cliff/waterfall! I don’t do heights and I don’t enjoy danger either. I’m glad you didn’t lean over to take a photo!

    The park looks like a pretty place. A good place to relax a little bit and enjoy the scenery. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!


    1. Hey Terri. I don’t have a fear of heights (one of the few things I don’t fear). If there had been a railing I would’ve checked it out, but without one it almost formed another phobia for me. Would you believe my husband laid along the edge and tried to get a photo by hanging his arm out over the cliff? My stomach was in knots. His cell phone did not get any good photos, otherwise I would’ve posted them. Thanks for coming along on the trip with me via Lori’s Lane. I always enjoy reading about your getaways too.


  2. I know all about *no rails on the trail*. Can be really scary-at least the thought of an accident waiting to happen. Thank you for sharing your side trip. It was fun and we didn’t even get wet feet!


  3. No warning signs and no railings – an accident waiting to happen. Plus the trail led to the ‘dip’ when most people would want to view the ‘fall’

    Oh, well – you did get some lovely shots of the trail and the place looks a lot less scary compared to the cottage you spent the night in



    1. Hey, yeah Eric, and what dip didn’t put up a railing at the ‘dip?!” 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment on my photos. I do enjoy taking them.


    1. Hey, I could’ve written a poem about no rails on the trail. 🙂 Thanks for reading about it and the nice comments about the photos. I do enjoy taking pictures.


  4. LOL. Didn’t they realize you wanted a photo of the falls not to stand on top of them? And to have no railing that is crazy.


    1. Ha! I know, right? I didn’t even get to see the waterfall from where we stood. There was a trail to the bottom, but it was a lot farther. We considered going, but it was lunch time and I had a bad back. Thanks for stopping by, Kourtney. I know how busy you’ve been.


    1. I know. It was crazy not to have a railing, or at least a sign. No one else was around either. We saw some people come just as we were leaving. Thanks for checking it out, Carrie.


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