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Weekend Wisdom

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Everyman has a train of thought

on which he rides when he is alone.
The dignity and nobility of his life,
as well as his happiness,
depend upon the direction
in which that train is going,
the baggage it carries,
and the scenery through which it travels. ~ Joseph Fort Newton

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wisdom”

  1. I like this. It’s a good reminder that we all have a bit of control over the direction of our days and lives. Thanks for sharing it, Lori!

    p.s. I made your shrimp/pasta recipe. I was SURE my boys (hubby and middle child) would hate it because it had tomatoes, spinach and zucchini in it. Guess what! They LOVED it! I will definitely keep that recipe in my rotation of dinners.


    1. This is great news! Thanks, I needed to hear a bit of good news. Been having a hard week. Thanks for telling me and I’m glad they enjoyed it.


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