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Cocoon of Cool

therm 3 wm 800x599by Lori (L. Virelli)

Ode to you my humming machine,
though your noise I could do without.
After a while it drums in my ears,
but you’re worth it, I have no doubt.

You wrap me in your cocoon of cool.
Protecting me from the lethal heat.
You run so diligent all year long.
You allow me to sleep so sweet.

I feel locked in a synthetic ice box,
and I miss a pleasant breeze.
I long for refreshing, clean air
blowing ever so gently in the trees.

For many more weeks you’ll do your job,
and I rely on you so great.
Without you I’d give up for sure,
but cabin fever is making me irate.

cabin fever 3 800x496


12 thoughts on “Cocoon of Cool”

  1. We had some amazingly comfortable weather for a couple of weeks—low to mid-70s—which is unheard of for August around here. The heat and humidity are back now, but it was so wonderful to open the windows and have fresh air circulating through the house!


  2. We’re having some Florida-like weather here this week. Temps in the 90s and lots of humidity. But I’m not complaining, I’m not! After all, it could be snowing!

    Stay cool, my friend!


    1. Hey Terri. Yep, I know yours doesn’t last that long so I know you’re not complaining. We have months of that kind of heat with no breaks. Can’t open windows here for a few months yet. Sigh. I’ll be in the midwest in a few weeks. Hopefully your heat will subside by the time I get there (Chicago). Yay! Thanks for stopping by.


    1. What is the winter like in Singapore, Eric? Do you experience a winter there? We do not experience winter in Florida, but at least the weather gets nice during that time of year.


    1. Don’t need a heat pump here, but yes, I can imagine your heat pump is greatly loved. I actually have one of those here too, but rarely have to use it.


    1. Heya Pete! We won’t see nice weather here for another 2 to 3 months. So, I’m high-tailing it out of here soon for parts north. Good to see you.


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