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by Lori (L. Virelli)

dandelions wm

Swarms are everywhere.
They crash into my skin and get in my hair.
Some of them are as large as a bird.
Even flying into my eye has occurred.

The spiders, they will not die,
and frighten me into a wild-eyed cry.
Have you ever heard of the Florida love bug?
They don’t harm but they certainly don’t hug.

Don’t ever walk barefoot in the grass,
or, you’ll find your toes in a fiery blast.
Those ants so small you can barely see,
but their bite is as powerful as a killer bee.

When I walk the dog,
clusters of gnats surround me like a fog.
No matter how much I wave them away,
they follow my strides and stalk me like prey.

The wasps they get in my screened porch.
To get them I use my high-nozzle spray torch.
The mosquitos, it’s funny, you know,
they don’t always show.

Written on the fly (ha, pun unintended, but funny) in about twenty minutes.

He's dive bombing me.
He’s dive bombing me.

If you get a chance, check out my friend, Lauren’s blog, who joined in on posting some funny English words. She also has good information on fitness and health. Btw, this lovely lady is a member of the writer’s group I mention on occasion.


9 thoughts on “Infestation”

  1. This made me smile. I am furtively looking around for what may be infesting at this moment… Guess none of us are safe from those insects.


    1. I’m glad you liked my bug poem, Kathy. I had just taken the dog out and I couldn’t get away from them anywhere. I came in and wrote a little poem about it to get those little buggers out of my system.
      🙂 Good to see you. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  2. The gnats have been nasty up here, too. And I will never forget the pain and swellings in my knee after I was bitten by a fire ant in Mexico. That was horrible!


  3. What a great poem! The mosquitoes certainly show up at my house! Thanks for the mention too. 🙂


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