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Funny Words Part 2

helen classics wmOn my last Monday’s post, no one took me up on posting a blog with classic funny English words, but I’m sharing a few more of my own today anyway. 

Cantankerous. Disagreeable to deal with. Contentious, peevish.

The first time I heard this word, I was around ten years old. My friend’s mom used the word to describe one of her other kids. I thought it sounded hilarious, and I walked around saying it for days. I still think it’s funny.

Svelte. Gracefully slender in figure.

I don’t use this word much. Can’t remember when I first heard it, but there is something about those two consonants together – sv – that roll off the tongue and lips like a drunkard.

Farcical. Ludicrous, absurd.

I rarely hear this word, and don’t recall ever using it. Pardon me, but it sounds like a mix between a fart and a popsicle. And, the mix of those two words is absolutely farcical!

Lackadaisical. Without interest, vigor or determination. Listless.

I don’t know why I like saying this word. I think it has something to do with my Chicago accent and so many syllables. We tend to annunciate pretty strongly.

So, that’s it on the funny English words, for now.

On an unrelated note, I’d like to thank Miss EllaDee for nominating me for the Super Sweet Bloggers Award. She was nominated before me, and so much more deserving of it. Thank you for the wonderful review about my book anthology, EllaDee. You truly are a super sweet blogger and a super sweet friend.

One more unrelated note, I hope to get a post up next Monday about the sugar detox I mentioned on my blog on Friday.


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    1. (Although do not know why I just typed asap. Perhaps was thinking that a situation might soon arise where the use of this word would be obligatory.)


  1. Ha ha! I literally laughed out loud when I read your explanation of Farcical. I’ll post a few words on my blog and link to yours.


  2. Cantankerous makes me think of other favorites – obstreperous and rambunctious! They are just great to say.
    Thank you for the mention, you’re well deserving of the award 🙂


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