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This & That Impromptu

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Yes, that is me acting like a doof after a ski lift ride to the top of a mountain.

Yesterday I posted a Wednesday Wisdom quote. Hmm, something seemed off about that idea . . . it wasn’t Wednesday! When I realized it, I was mortified that I got the days mixed up. Then I laughed. What a doof! (a word I usually reserve for the love of my life, ;-)).

After I laughed, I decided it was a nice message anyway, so I’m leaving it.

Switching gears here, I’ve been on a sugar detox diet for the last ten days. I’d be embarrassed to tell you how much sugar I normally eat. Not to mention, I started to have some health issues that I believe were due to the massive amounts of sugar I pump into my blood. So, I found a book with a detox diet and put it to use.

Smack me upside the head with another doof move. I should’ve seen a dietician. Long story short, I got really sick and almost went to the emergency room. I don’t recommend this book or its diet. I’ve been thinking about sharing more about this on my blog, by reviewing the book and what happened. Not sure yet, what do you think?

I’m still watching my sugar intake, because I don’t want to spike it too high, now that I’ve drained every single morsel of sugar out of me. I’m feeling better, but still listless and weak.

A little self-deprecating humor in my impromptu writing today, but it’s true, and sometimes it’s funny to laugh at ourselves. After I got so sick, I’m grateful I can look back and laugh. I really felt like I was going to meet my maker.

When I started feeling better, I thought I’d walk the dog with my husband. I didn’t even make it around the block without feeling out of breath. My husband said he was even having a hard time breathing the thick air. I forgot, it’s July in Florida. Ack. I won’t bore you with my yearly complaints about the Florida heat and humidity today.

Everyone have a wonderful summer weekend. I’ll be locked inside with the drone of the air conditioning humming in my ears, and grateful for its very existence.

Here is the follow-up to this post about the sugar detox.


16 thoughts on “This & That Impromptu”

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Yep, I can roll my eyes at myself just as much as I do my husband. Well, maybe not quite as much. Hee, hee. Always good to hear from you.


  1. It’s really difficult to eat a truly healthy diet these days. So many processed foods contain artificial ingredients and tons of “natural” things we shouldn’t have in excess—like sugar. So many popular diets turn out to be useless at best or dangerous at worst. I suspect the best thing we can do for our bodies is eat what’s fresh and local as much as possible and get off our behinds and exercise.


    1. Hey JM. I completely agree with you about the purity of our foods. I just had some issues popping up that I believe were from too much sugar. I wished I would’ve went a different route, but you live and learn. Thankfully, I squeezed out okay. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. I think a review of the book and insight into your experience would be interesting and valuable to others considering a sugar detox. It’s all very well for someone to write a book but every person reading has different circumstances, so I just can see how being prescriptive would be beneficial. That said, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Have you read ? Very informative and not prescriptive.


    1. Hey EllaDee. Thanks for your input, and for the informative link. I’ll have to consider how to write this review. I’m not happy with the book at all, so it wouldn’t be a good review. I’m always honest about how I see things. I’d guess I’d have to name the book, since people might want to avoid it, but I wouldn’t want to bring any negative feedback my way (re: the authors). I’ll have to think this over.
      P.S. Yes, the book is prescriptive.


      1. Maybe write it on a “no names no pack drill basis” on the perils of following prescriptive books etc from the perspective of your own experiences.


  3. yeesh, that’s awful, glad you’re feeling better :/ I’m very wary about detox diets and the like… I think if you handle your review in an honest and unbiased manner, people (i.e. me) would enjoy reading it 🙂

    It’s between 100 and 115 degrees here…. all. the. time….


  4. Lori, I get days mixed up sometimes too. Like you, I remember that, sometimes in Life, we’ve just got to laugh at ourselves. Good for you on the sugar detox! Have a beautifully blessed day, my friend. S


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