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Friday Affirmation

seashell 2 wm

Overthinking a problem can often expend more energy than simply letting go and trusting a higher power. Taking a deep breath and relaxing my mind and body, I stop forcing solutions and turn to God within. I give thanks that there is a higher power at work in my life, guiding me in right ways and helping me achieve goals. ~ Paraphrased from Daily Word magazine


6 thoughts on “Friday Affirmation”

  1. You’ve expressed what totally resonates here. I like that you put quotes that you need to learn from on your blog. So often I’ll write something and only realize much later–hey, Kathy, that’s for YOU. Pay attention. LOL!


  2. Wonderful photo – I can feel the soft sand through looking at your photo … the paraphrased so suitable. I wish you a pleasant weekend, Lori.


  3. I love the picture. I think this is easily said, hard to practice at first, but very satisfying upon the realization that it’s working. 🙂


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