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Horrendous Beauty

by Lori (L. Virelli)

pink myrtle wm

Rich emerald fields
Perfume blooming magnolias
Powder blue skies with
Cotton ball puffs

Soupy air

Serene birdsongs
Fluttering monarchs
Sunshine spotlighting glorious myrtles
Towering bountiful trees

lav myrtle wm


From inside the window
Beauty speaks
Outside the window
Muggy, dank, stagnant
Horrendous moisture spoils

sun burns wm

12 thoughts on “Horrendous Beauty”

    1. That’s a good way to put it, Terri. I never thought of it as love-hate, I thought of it as hate, but I do love the beauty aspects too. Thanks for pointing that out.


  1. Hazy humidity. Reminds me of summertime in Thailand. The only solution was lots of coconut water.


    1. Thailand! Wow. I can’t imagine living there. Florida is far enough away from my hometown of Chicago for the past 20 plus years. Thanks for reading my poem, Kourtney.


  2. Heatstroke is not good. So many people in so many areas of the country are sweltering. At least you were able to create a poem to help. It did help, didn’t it?


    1. Hey Kathy, the poem helped for the moment. I think I wrote a few blogs about it last summer. Gotta get out the frustration with the long months of stifling heat & humidity ahead. Not to mention, hurricane season. I don’t like it if I complain too much, though. That’s why my theme is happiness on Friday and Monday this time. Thanks for reading my poem.


    1. Hi Viveka. There is a lot of beautiful blooming nature, but yes, that sun is wayyyy too hot to enjoy it other than from the inside. Thank you for coming over. Hugs to you.


    1. The crepe myrtles have so many different colors, and they are so vibrant. Beautiful, but only through the window. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, JM.


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