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Written on the fly ….

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At noon, while I write this,
the clouds rumble and hiss.
The sky, it’s dark as night.
My home, it needs the help of lamp light.

Please electricity stick with me,
because it’s too hot out you see.
I hear liquid pounding the ground,
also the windows and all around.

Andrea, Andrea why so soon?
It’s still so early in June.
We have six months still ahead,
too long a time to worry and dread

Andrea, Andrea please take care
for us we’d like you to spare
make your winds calm like a breeze
and your rains sprinkle on us with ease.

by Lori (L. Virelli)


11 thoughts on “Andrea”

  1. Nice poem, written on the fly, just like Andrea. 🙂 Seems like a lot of people have been affected by her rains, including my in-laws in Georgia. May the storms be few and far between this year.


  2. We’ve been dealing with her rain since last night. Hopefully, she moves out before tomorrow morning. Thankfully, no real wind, so power has stayed on. This is early in the season, and I hate to think what a bad year could be….


    1. Andrea moved pretty fast through Florida, so hopefully she’ll keep up her speed and get out of (your) town for the weekend. Have a good one, JM.


    1. Except for an occasional wind gust, Andrea is pretty much gone. The photo posted is from I don’t live on the coast so I quickly found a picture to put with that poem I wrote on the fly. Thanks for coming over and checking it out.


      1. Glad that nothing happened to you and your home.
        I don’t know how you do it … years after years. Have fine weekend now.


  3. Truly beautiful … I have to ask who Andrea is???? How stupid … it’s the tropical storm. Of course you wrote about winds. So beautiful … about something so scary and devastating.


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