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May’s Recipe Review

My Grandma's Recipe Box
My Grandma’s Recipe Box

I’m trying out a new thing … cooking one recipe from only WordPress bloggers per month, and then reviewing it on my blog. I did my first recipe review last month, and I’ve decided to put up a page with the links to the reviews. If you move your curser over the word “recipes” at the top of the blog, a drop down will come up with the reviews page.

If you’re a wordpress blogger and have a recipe you’d like me to try, you can comment on that (reviews) page and leave a link for me to check it out. I can’t promise I’ll try it, but that’ll make it handy just in case. Before offering a recipe, you may want to see the type of foods and cooking I enjoy on my own recipes page. I will not eat onions, but I will just omit them if a recipe calls for it (like I did with the recipe below). I wrote a post about the offensive onion a while back. 

Okay, so onto this month’s recipe review. I was in the mood for something light and fresh, but I needed it to be a dinner meal to fill me up. It also needed to fill up my big-eater husband. I searched the wordpress topics for light meal. I think I may have added pasta in there too, I can’t remember.

I found what was titled, Mission Pastable, on the blog Gone Dishing. It’s a lemony fresh pasta meal with sun-dried tomatoes and white beans.

First let me say that it turned out delicious and I highly recommend it. But, as I said, I don’t do onions, so I omitted it. I know many will enjoy it with the onion. The recipe did not call for any meat, but The Gone Dishing blogger said it would be good with cooked chicken added. My husband does not care for meals without meat, so I added the chicken as suggested.

Aside from omitting onions and adding cooked chicken, I made the meal exactly the way the blogger described. I loved the dish and will make it again, but it did take a little more prep work than I imagined from reading the recipe. I guess I thought that a one-pot meal meant not a lot of work, but, if you’re organized, and love a light, fresh dinner meal, this is yummy. I think next time I might make it with linguini, because that may make it even lighter. I look forward to trying it again.


Mission Pastable – Lemony Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes

lemon pasta 2 wm


7 thoughts on “May’s Recipe Review”

  1. Just last night I made Chocolate Nutella Cake in a Mug, for the first time, as a sweet treat for the G.O. to take to work. I’m guessing I will also make a version of the Lemony Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes… I love that it’s a base recipe to which you can and and subtract, and that it’s lemony 🙂


    1. Glad the recipe strikes your fancy, EllaDee. I loved how fresh and light it tasted. I can’t wait to try it with linguini. Enjoy.


  2. Lori, great idea …. I love the micro chocolate cake .. and I will try this one out too – I love chicken … will let you know.


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