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 If only we could comfort those effected by the tornado.

Below is a reading (variation) from the magazine DailyWord.

When people we care about are grieving a loss . . . we gently remind them that they are not alone, for within them is the strength of God. Within them is the ability to overcome any situation. Within them is a resiliency greater than any challenge, for within them is divine power, providing strength and courage in times of need.

God’s comforting strength is within the people we care about in every moment. We remember this truth, and envision them filled with peace and assurance.


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  1. Yes, how terrible nature can treat us at times .. and over there is the same story every year – some town that has been devastated. Nature is powerful and it’s very little we can put against it, but I what I understood … there was not much protection neither. Now storm shelters for the schools … poor people.


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