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Ego, Go Away

My mind’s been swirling today, and it’s bugging me that it won’t be still. So, I wrote a poem about it on the fly. Hope it sounds okay.

Ego, Go Away
My mind is running wild,

life’s daily worries have compiled,
and nothing is that significant,
but I blow things up to be magnificent.

One person says something I don’t like,
and back I want to strike.
Something tragic happens in the news,
and then I’m hanging with the blues.

A sinkhole collapses in my state,
and then I worry it is my fate.
Hurricanes, tornadoes, heat stroke and more,
prickling with fear, I’m in an uproar.

Ego, why do you badger me?
Your anger sticks like sap on a tree.
You make me strain and sweat with fear.
I’m wading through your waters alone out here.

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Ego, why won’t you let go?
Why must you torture me so?
Because of you I lose sleep,
weakening my constitution until I weep.

Ego, go away.
I don’t need you, anyway.
You try to make me forget,
that deep inside me there is no fret.

Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul,
and you really aren’t in control.
It’s why you poke at me every day,
to give the illusion that you know the way.

Well, you better start on the run,
because my best interests are from only One.
The Higher calling of my spirit
is the truth of what I inherit.

I release your chains and I set free,
the peace and calm inside of me.
I deny your attempt to fright,
and I listen to my inner light.

written by Lori (L. Virelli)


22 thoughts on “Ego, Go Away”

  1. You expressed your feelings about this type of ego very well. It’s a lesson I learn over and over, tested by an energy that makes me forget I have strengths of faith and grace that make me who I am, and ok, no matter what. I find the best remedy is to sit still & quiet and look inward until faith and grace descends over me like a cloak.


    1. I like that … letting faith and grace descend over me like a cloak. Even when I sit quietly, many times Ego won’t let go, but sometimes that cloak will shroud it. Thanks, EllaDee.


  2. Crying a little with you, Lori. Have tried to convince Ego to leave more times over the years… Talked with a friend in California this morning about Ego. About how we must slowly, bit by bit, let go of her. But not until we’re confident we can exist with all props. To let go of Ego too soon is a form of suicide. She’s telling us what we still haven’t accepted. Now, if we can just realize she’s our friend, and not the enemy. She’s simply pointing us in the direction that we don’t want to go. I’m still learning from her. Begrudgingly at times…


    1. Thank you for sharing this, Kathy. It’s very wise … and helpful. Ego gets so loud and always wants to be front and center. I wish she would at least quiet down or speak softer once in a while. I guess the good thing is, I’m moving forward by being aware of her. Thanks again.


  3. Very powerful written … but why do you want to … get rid of your Ego … nothing wrong with having a ego!!! What would be without it – then … it maybe can come in the way sometime, but … lose it ????!!!Maybe I miss the whole point here.


    1. Hi, Viveka. I don’t know how to explain what I mean by the “ego.” It has to do with my beliefs, and I know you’re not really into that stuff. I find that my ego pulls me away from my inner spirit. Nothing to do with religion or anything, just my spirit. Like I said, it’s difficult to explain. Thanks for reading it. I always enjoy hearing from you.


  4. Sounds like you’re doing just fine. 🙂 You’re very self-aware it seems, isn’t that the biggest challenge of them all? It’s very hard not to be swept up by everything and personally consumed by it. It’s also a challenge to separate ourselves and do what we need to feel whole. Very nice poem I love when you go out there “on the fly” I hope it does you some good. 🙂


    1. Hey, Pete. It actually took me a little over an hour to pound-out. With each stanza I had to filter through all that muck of the ego to find the words that expressed my feelings. Still can’t seem to stop the mind from racing, but, like you said, at least I’m aware. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Always good to see you.


  5. Thanks Lori. I know the feeling. With what’s been happening in the last weeks I can appreciate this poem. It is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.


  6. This is beautiful. What a great way to calm the frenzy in your mind. I’m impressed that you wrote this on the fly. If I could write such an extensive poem at all, it would probably take me days!


    1. Actually, it took a little over an hour to pound-out, but it helped my racing mind. Thanks for reading it, Terri, and for your nice comment.


    1. Thank you, Harula. I thought if I pronounced it and denied the ego I might stop the brain from stirring. Thanks again for your nice comment.


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