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Dancing with Nana

This video may have already gone viral, but I couldn’t resist putting it on my blog.

If you’re offended by a cuss word, turn it off just before the end when it hits two minutes, thirty seconds. Otherwise, I suggest going to the end because it’s the icing on the cake of the video.

Here’s to all of us dancing right through every stage of our lives.

17 thoughts on “Dancing with Nana”

    1. Yep, I think we all do stay young at heart, but I love that this lady expresses it outwardly. She’s a good example. 🙂


  1. She truly had the sway …… she are better on the Zumba than I’m *smile .. Brilliant, thanks for this .. made me happy and warm inside. Love it, Lori


      1. Totally agree … I love dancing and I still dance on my livingroom floor when I’m in that mood or hear one of my favorite dance tunes. Then I have the Zumba.
        Dancing is a happy feeling.


    1. Thanks for coming over, Lauren. I know you’ll still be doing that 50 years from now. She (and you) also inspired me to get up (of my a$$) and dance to lose these few extra pounds I put on. Hopefully I’ll be able to dance all F-ing day like Nana. 😀


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