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Made of Marshmallows

For my quote of the week (End of Week Wisdom installment), I didn’t feel like posting a profound quote this time. I wanted something funny. So, I’m resorting to a sitcom. However, this silly little sitcom scene actually has a deeper meaning.

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~ From the television show King of Queens episode title: Dog Shelter.

Carrie Heffernen: Are you saying you’d rather live a fake, sheltered life than know the truth about things?

Doug Heffernen: Yeah.

Carrie Heffernen: You can’t live that way.

Doug Heffernen: Can, and did, and loved it.

Carrie Heffernen: Oh, that’s right, because the way you were raised, everybody loves everybody, nobody ever dies, the world is made of marshmallows, la, la, la, la, la, la.
It’s dysfunctional.

Doug Heffernen: No it isn’t. It doesn’t matter if the world is made of marshmallows, or if
people just think the world is made of marshmallows. Either way, you’re happy. You got it?


11 thoughts on “Made of Marshmallows”

  1. I’ve always loved that show. Never thought it was profound or particularly inspirational, but that quote is so very true! Love it! Thanks for passing it on. It’s the kind of thought I need to hold onto these days.


  2. Great happy – my favourite word – end of week wisdom. Sometimes people think too much. Life can be good, even when it’s tough. If you look you can always find a marshmallow, or make a marshmallow but if all you’re gazing at is your navel or the inside of your head, or perpetuating the tough stuff – it’s self fulfilling.


    1. Hey EllaDee, yep, even if we THINK marshmallows, we’re happy. 🙂 Thanks for the insightful comment. Have a great weekend.


  3. Nothing that I eat very often … but when I do .. I can’t stop myself .. so a world full of marshmallows would do me fine. *smile But I need some chicken too .. and Kalles kaviar. Have a great weekend now.


    1. Ah, but even just the thought of marshmallows symbolizes a happy world. Always good to “see” you, Viveka. You have a wonderful weekend too.


    1. Whether those marshmallows are really there or not, we can just think it so. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Carrie. Have a marshmallow full weekend.


  4. I’d love if the world was made of marshmallows! Except for when they’re exposed to air and get all stale and loose their fluff. Ick.


    1. Hi Brin. Or, like the quote says, someone could just think the world is made of marshmallows and the thought of it will make them happy. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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