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Two Years Later

happy max 2 wm

I couldn’t let this week go by without recognizing that our little baby boy has now been with us for two years. I wrote about his year anniversary with us last year at this time.

It’s been amazing to watch the magical transformation of this dog. For a long time, he snarled at me almost every day, his eyes giving a warning not to get too close.  He did this to everyone, but I lived with him all day long, every day, you’d think he’d see I wasn’t a threat. Over time this became less and less of a problem, until it finally ceased altogether.

Now, he throws himself down on the floor and reveals his white, pink belly, and he’ll let me snuggle up to him and press his furry warmth into me.

maxnme wm

He’s like an entirely new dog. There are only a couple of minor things we have to correct on occasion, and that’s near perfect in my book. I’m blessed to be trusted and loved unconditionally by two angelic dogs in my lifetime. (Our first dog is now at Rainbow Bridge).

This photo (below) is idyllic proof of the happy, obedient, off-leash little puppy of a dog who turns five next month. Thank God he found his way home to us.

happy max wm 2


18 thoughts on “Two Years Later”

  1. He’s such a handsome guy and so lucky to have found someone to show him the right amount of patience and love to allow him to get comfortable and happy. Happy anniversary to all of you! 🙂


    1. Thank you, EllaDee. It didn’t cross my mind, but it does go both ways. I appreciate you pointing that out. I just feel so blessed.


  2. Love your tribute …. he are a such lovely dog … his eye are so full of a soft and gentle soul. The photo with the lady and the dog … is that you ?????


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