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Exploring Home II

In my blog post Exploring Home I, I talked about taking one day a week and doing something vacation-like before my husband starts his job. I promised to share one more of these outings, and this is it (see below).

congress clowns

The description on the bottom of the photo says “Congress of Clowns,” but no, I did not accidentally take a wrong turn out of Florida and end up in DC. This photo was taken at the Ringling Brothers Historical Museum. We like to go there once a year, maybe twice if possible. We usually find it to be relaxing and quiet … meaning, not a lot of tourists. We’d never been there in March before, and we found out when all the tourists go. It wasn’t quite as peaceful, but still picturesque nonetheless.

rng deck view (640x427)

The morning started out a bit chilly. The bright sun warmed the day, and the soft brush of sea air wrapped us in comfort.

We’ve been inside to see many of the circus props before. There is also an elaborate art museum with original paintings and sculptures from the renaissance and earlier. The Ringlings were patrons of the arts, and there is an art school on the property.

The mansion where John and Mable lived is exciting to see too.

rng mansio wm

This time we hoped to enjoy the serenity of the grounds and didn’t do as much indoor exploring. We spent a little time in the secret garden where the two are buried (along with John’s brother). Lots of buzzing from nectar loving bees there.

secret garden wm
The gravesite is way back there. If you can see the statue sticking up, that’s where they are buried.
garden wm
Flowers from the secret garden

We walked past the bamboo trees and saw a suspicious character coming out of the woods.

rng guy wm

Oh, it’s just one of Mable’s many sculptures dispersed throughout the grounds. What a lovely serenade.

rng serenade wm

Mable’s rose garden didn’t have as many blossoms as it did during other times of the year, but the sweet aroma still pleasured our noses. A few of my past blogs have featured roses from past visits to her garden.

rose alley wm

I could share endless photos, because I’m one of those endless picture-takers, but I’ll leave you with rose alley. This is the last of our explorations for a while. Thank you for coming along on this tranquil day, and for our other little excursions in our home state. If you missed them and would like to check them out, click here, here, and here.

P.S. I have a non-related blog post scheduled for Wednesday that will feature a couple photos from the Ringling Museum.


21 thoughts on “Exploring Home II”

  1. Looks like you had a nice excursion, Lori. Such pretty green…you’re just trying to get all of us northerners envious, aren’t you? 🙂 tee hee. A little trip away from home can be just what the doctor ordered.


    1. This stuff is mostly for tourists, but we took the chance while we had it to enjoy before my husband started his job (this week). You’ll be in the sunshine state before too long taking photos and soaking in the moment.


  2. Looks like you had a great time exploring the grounds. We have some bulbs and a few early cherries blooming, but it will be a while before we see roses. 😉


    1. There are always flowers in Florida somewhere. It doesn’t really freeze where we live, although it can. Hang in there, JM, spring is right around the corner for you. Which means unbearable heat coming for me.


  3. I can see why you are regular visitors. I’d like to live there 🙂 What a gorgeous gift to Sarasota, Florida from the Ringlings.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking the photos, Eric. I’m going to need the advice of some writers on my upcoming Wednesday post if you get a chance to make it back my way.


    1. Yes, it is lovely, thanks, Robin. And, it’s not far from us. Hey, if you can, check my blog post on Wednesday. I’m going to be asking for the advice of fellow writers.


    1. Ringling Museum is in Sarasota, Florida. We travel to different places in the state to explore. Thank you for naming those flowers for me. I never know the names of anything except roses. I also know lilacs, but they don’t grow here in Florida and they are my favorite flower from where I grew up in the Midwest. Good to see you, Anneli.


  4. Fantastic place to be at this morning – wow .. and sunny – beautiful setting and the garden. Love that photo with the two chairs .. one for me and one for you – sit there .. with a nice light drink watching time goes by.


    1. Ohio, yes, I’m from Chicago and January through March is the only time of year I’m glad that I live in Florida. Oh, and I see you and “Weak Words” are still going add it. 😉


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