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Exploring Home I

My husband and I don’t get to enjoy Florida like tourists do, because we actually have to live our daily lives here. So, we decided to take one day a week and go do something vacation-like before he starts his new job. One day we went to the beach.

beach shadows wm

Another day we wanted to try a theme park. The Magic Kingdom didn’t really appeal to us because we’ve “been there done that.” We burned out on Busch Gardens too, because years ago we had season tickets. We’re not big fans of caged creatures at Sea World either.

I’m wondering if being “older” has changed our perspectives, because the place where we ended up didn’t impress us. It was featured on the TV show The Apprentice last night, and they made it look magical, but it was just sort of ordinary for us. It’s not to say that we didn’t have a nice time, but it hadn’t changed or improved with technology since we last went years ago.

universal 2 wm

It was a bit of a cool day and on the cloudy side, so the crowds were thin. We waited no longer than 20 minutes in any of the lines. We only paid for half the park, which had mostly simulated rides. I thought they updated them, but no, not really. They still had the ET ride. Really? What year is that movie from? 1892? Okay, so I transposed the numbers, it’s 1982, but it seems just as long. They still had The Terminator 3D! Some of the future-world computer technology they speak about in the simulation, was actually not futuristic anymore … it’s here. And, come on, Arnold was like, 32 in that movie. Isn’t he 103 years old with about six love-children by now? Yes, yes, I do enjoy exaggerating on occasion.

We didn’t get to see the Harry Potter side of the park, maybe it would’ve impressed us, I don’t know. The  newest ride was the best … the Despicable Me simulation. Steve Carell and the minions crack me up.

desp me 3 wmdesp me 4 wm

We still enjoyed the vacation day. Here are a few photos of New York City. We might’ve had a more exciting time if we’d really been there. Too bad this psychic’s shop wasn’t real, the inside looked like fodder for fiction.

nycu 1 wm

nycu 3 wm

nycu 5 wm

P.S. They’ll be an Exploring Home II coming soon.


17 thoughts on “Exploring Home I”

  1. What a good idea to experience a little bit of “vacation” while staying home.

    I LOVE Despicable Me! It’s one of my most favorite movies and the Minions are hysterical. My kids and I will often fall into quoting bits from the movie and crack each other up.


    1. You guys would love the Despicable Me simulation ride then. It’s really funny, especially the movie clip before the ride. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. We’ve been getting out and doing stuff while we can, before he gets back to work. Thanks for reading about it. Hope you find something fun to do.


  2. Sometimes it’s great to take a day and look at your city with fresh eyes. I went to Universal Studios in LA in 2000 – the ET and Back to the Future rides were current then! Despicable Me looks fun 🙂


  3. I always kinda wanted to visit Universal Studios, but never got around to it. We did go to Busch Gardens (both as a child and when our children were young). We went on a roller coaster and I swore allegiance to every deity in the Universe if we ever ever got off safely. We survived. It was fun reading your blog.


    1. Oh, I’d say all the theme parks are worth at least one visit. After doing it all here, I enjoy the beach the most. You’ll be enjoying it soon yourself. Thanks for the nice comment, Kathy.


  4. For some reason I can’t see the photos, they don’t want to open up .. have to come back to you when I’m on my PC. Tried 3 times now with my netbook. Will be back. *smile


  5. We’ll be going to Universal Studios this summer. Having teenage sons, they’re more into this now than Disney World (though will still go there a day or two). I hope we can see the Harry Potter part. I hear it’s crowded all the time.


    1. Your boys will love it. I’m sure it’s the age thing with us. We just weren’t that impressed, but we still had a nice time because it was a day of play. Thanks for checking it out, Carrie.


  6. Oh wow I remember the E.T ride and even the back to the future one too, ah the memories! 🙂 oh and the minions!! I want to take one home lol!


    1. No more Back to the Future ride, at least not that I saw. They still have the Simpsons ride though. The Minion ride took over the place of the old Hanna Barbera ride. Thanks for stopping by Andy. Always good to see you.


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