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The Difference a Year Makes

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Hot  was the name of my blog post one year ago. The first weekend in March, 2012 I went to the yearly Florida Art Festival in town and …whooo-wheee, was it ever hot.

Max (the dog), my husband and I went again this year, and brrrrrrr, was it ever cold. I’m from Chicago, so yes, I know cold weather.

For the day’s festivities I wore jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater over the shirt, and a heavy cardigan sweater over that sweater. I thought it would be enough for a cooler Florida day. It wasn’t. A whipping, icy wind came over the river, and I questioned if I’d traveled all the way back to Chicago.

You can click here to read about how hot it was last year. Photos of the river are posted there too.

To compare, below are photos of the patrons from each year. You may need to click on it to see the clothes better.

warm fest wm

Above, last year’s shorts and t-shirts. Below, this year’s coats and hats.

cold fest 2 wm

In the above photo, I love the contrast of flowers and people in winter attire.

Poor pugs are even cold.

Poor pugs are so cold they need clothes too.

I didn’t post much of the artwork on my blog last year. This year I snuck in a few snaps to share with you.

cold art 1 (640x439)

cold art 2 (640x427)

cold art 3 (640x427)

cold art 4 (640x427)

The below art is my favorite. Check out the sign beneath it and see if you can figure it out.

cold art 5 (599x640)

This is the only time of year I love living in Florida … January through March. The temps don’t stay down for long. For the last three days it was chilly, and sometimes cold, but today it’s warming up nicely again. Only wish it could’ve been this nice for the art festivities. No worries, we still had a nice time.


15 thoughts on “The Difference a Year Makes”

  1. Really enjoyed reading this and looking at the pics and dreaming of being in Florida next month… How many days til we go? Anyway, a year ago Barry could hardly walk with his two shot knees and there was very little ice on the bay and no one could go ice fishing very much. This year it’s an entirely different story. What a difference a year makes!


    1. You’ll have a great time here in Florida, especially now that Barry doesn’t hobble anymore. If you happen to be anywhere up my way (Tampa), email me and let me know. Would love to meet you.


      1. We’ll be in Fort Myers Beach–without access to a car. One of these trips perhaps we’ll figure out a way to meet up…


  2. The photos from the Florida Art Festival are great. I love the colour, especially the metal work art, and I do see the woman in the glass. Weather wise Sydney experiences similar in that we can never put our coats away. Although this year has been the hottest on recorded history, and very wet. Last year I remember needing a coat on quite a few days during the same period. Funny, we always find needing a coat during the summer disconcerting but a warm spell during winter is very welcome 🙂


    1. So true, EllaDee, about welcoming warm days in winter. I miss the change of seasons since I moved south. Thanks for browsing the art with me.


  3. I love going to our annual art festival, but it’s always very hot, because it’s over Labor Day weekend. But so much fun to look at all the lovely things.


    1. Florida has its fests in the winter due to the overwhelming heat of the summer. People can get heat stroke quite quickly in the summer which lasts from about May 1st to the end of October. Yes, the art festivals are nice way to browse through the day. Thanks for stopping over and commenting, Carrie.


      1. We’ll be braving Florida at the end of June. But we’ve gone there in the summer before and survived. Hopefully that will be the case again. 😉


        1. Yep, summertime is when school is out, so it’s when families have to brave it. Watch out for those afternoon on-hour rain showers and you’ll be fine. 🙂


    1. Hey, Carl. You better believe I’m enjoying it now. That’s why I said this is the only time of year I enjoy living here. The thermal heat death march starts in May for me. Ack. These temps right now are lovely, but being March, they are just about over. 😦


  4. I have no idea what the weather was like this time last year, although I’m sure I could figure it out. Ah yes March, We’ve had no snow this year at all (measurable), many false reports, and now there are predictions of 16 inches on Wednesday. What the hell? 🙂 Great pictures! And now you have me thinking back!


    1. Hey Armetta! 🙂 I wouldn’t have remembered what the weather was like this time last year, had I not been to the same event back then and posted about it on my blog. Thanks for stopping by and joining me at the art fest.


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