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2nd Annual Scenes from a Valentine’s Day non-Date

pretzel heart wm
A State Fair, Valentine Pretzel Delight, by the Amish Baking Company.

I started blogging a little over a year ago, so here’s the link to the blog post of the 1st annual scenes from a Valentine’s Day non-date

This is actually about the 22nd annual non-date on Valentine’s Day for us as a married couple, but I’ve only been a blogger since the last two.

(Please pardon the blurry photos. I used an old compact digital in the rain without a flash)

My husband and I are not really into this holiday. There are so many other reasons than the naming of an “official day” to show our love and appreciation for each other. So, we escape the crowded restaurants filled with corn-ball couples who fall for the cheesy pizza cone 1 wmholiday, by attending the Florida State Fair.

It hasn’t rained in weeks, and guess what? Yep, you guessed it … it rained on Valentine’s cone 2 wm Do you think a little rain is going to stop us? We rather enjoyed huddling under our umbrella eating pizza in a cone and waffle ice cream sandwiches. 

waff cream wm

Besides vendors and carnies, the place was almost empty! Are people afraid they might melt if it rains during the dry season in Florida? All the better for us to take in the sights …

fair 1 wm

the scents,

fair pigs wm

the sounds

fair twister wm

and the tastes of our surroundings.

funnel cake wm

The vendors were so bored from the lack of work that they entertained us with song as we moseyed past their kiosks. At one point, the band I idolized as a teenager, REO Speedwagon, was playing on the stereo system. The vendors and I serenaded each other with Keep on Loving You.

I considered getting an airbrushed t-shirt at this cowboy vendor’s kiosk. 😉

airbrush wm

When we got tired of pitter-patter of rain on our hoodies, and weary of holding an umbrella, we escaped inside to the expo hall where all kinds of goodies were for sale.



Jewelry (can you guess which 3 for $5 earrings I bought?)

jewelry 2 wm

I did say they sold goodies.

smarties wm

We had a great night despite the chilly rain. Thank you for joining us.

On Monday, I’d love for you to come back and share in a hilariously awkward misunderstanding that happened to someone in my writer’s group, and I was the conduit!

Here’s another non-Valentine’s Day Date.


24 thoughts on “2nd Annual Scenes from a Valentine’s Day non-Date”

  1. Thanks for bringing me along to the fun fair … the lovely piglets – the sweets – that ice cream – the light’s – the rain. The Pretzel you can keep. Have a lovely weekend.


  2. The Florida State Fair looks fun, and delicious. I can’t imagine the whole population of the state wouldn’t be there celebrating Valentines Day, and life.. instead of boring restaurants or in front of the TV… 22 years of Valentines Days is quite a feat – wonderful 🙂


    1. Hey EllaDee. It’s been 28 years of Valentine’s Days altogether, but about 22 of them have been spent at the Fair. You’re right it’s so much more fun then anything else we could’ve done. The Fair is usually crowded, but the rain must’ve scared them away. Their loss, our gain. There was lots of breathing room for a claustrophobic like me. Thanks for reading and commenting. Always good to see you.


    1. Oh my, yes. There are tons of activities here from January through March. In the summer it’s too easy to get heatstroke. I’ve been watching my calorie intake since the first of the year just for this day. Thanks for coming over and commenting, Robin.


        1. Does it get as humid as here in Florida? The heat index in the summer makes it feel like 110 degrees for about three months nonstop. If it does get that hot in CA, I know I wouldn’t want to go to the fair. I’m not a lover of the heat. Stay cool.


    1. In Florida, we have all kinds of outdoor activities from January through March. Some extend into April as well. It’s too hot for such activities in the summer, as people have been known to get heatstroke fairly quick. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Margarita.


    1. Everyone dips them in either mustard or cheese. I found something even more delicious to dip them in, cream cheese. Thanks for stopping by, Anneli.


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