Will This Dragon Put OUT the Fire?

green dargonNo, I’m not speaking of a helpful purple Dragon, a playful green Dragon, or even a sweet little red Dragon. Bear with me and I’ll explain.orange_dragon

Back in July I posted a blog about my mouse elbow. The pain of this tendonitis in the elbow and forearm has been so bad at times, I can’t even lift a glass of water! It has not gone away since that very post in July. Oh, it lets up when I don’t use it as often, but it’s never gone away as of yet. Since I’m on the computer constantly, the mousing and typing gives it no chance to heal.

Dragon NSLast week my Dragon arrived. This dragon doesn’t breath fire. This Dragon hangs on my every word. It’s the voice recognition software program for typing and working on the computer.

Right now I am SOL. No, I don’t mean shit out of luck, although if this doesn’t work I just may be. I am Speaking Out Loud.

It seems that someone is going to have to tame me, instead of the Dragon, because I almost kicked it’s ass trying to figure it out. If anyone ever wants to sharpen their mind with a puzzle, this is the way to do it. The prompts and voice commands are endless. Trying to remember every single one of them for each specific command, puts the brain into a tailspin. On top of that, the Dragon doesn’t always understand clearly what you are saying. So, you need to check back and make sure every single word and punctuation is inserted correctly. So far, I have only made one correction as I am speaking right now. I will not go back and correct anything else, so that you can see how Dragon works as I have spoken this out.

It will take some time to get the hang of this program. After using it for approximately 4 days, I do think that it will cut down the use of my hands for typing at least by 50%. As you can see, it has typed out the numbers instead of spelling them out as I speak. from what I can tell, there is a way to change thatin the program.

It remains to be seen if this Dragon will put out the fiery pain in my tendon or not. If I do cut out typing by 50%, I think it will do the trick.

There are some bugs in the program that can be maddening. So, perhaps in the future I will post an update on whether or not it’s worth those bugs. If you’d like to get an update in a few weeks, remind me and I’ll post one.


  1. I’ve heard about this software and wondered how well it works. Seems to be doing a pretty good job for you! I think I would have a hard time using it. I don’t think that I would speak fluidly in a situation like this. I’m afraid there would be a LOT of “ums” and pauses and backtracking.

    I hope this continues to be a good solution for you.


    1. So far so good with the Dragon, Terri. I do tend to go back to correct myself, but I’m getting used to it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. I’ve wondered about the program since I can feel the effects of too much mousing, too. I hope it’s better than some of the closed-captioning I’ve seen on TV!


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