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Church Windows

Some of you may have seen the recipe poll I put up to choose a recipe you’d like to see on my blog. The winning recipe was Biscotti (cookies).

Today I decided to share another one from that poll. Since I prefer chocolate in my sweets, this is one of my favorites. It’s easy to make, but a bit messy. It’s a quick recipe too, but it needs to go in the refrigerator overnight to serve the next day. Hope you like them as much as I do.

color marsh

Note: Be aware before you start this recipe, the above marshmallows are essential. White marshmallows will make it a bit too sweet and not give it the flavor intended. The colored marshmallows shown above are not only colored different, but they have a mild fruit flavor that tones down the sugar.

Grandma’s Church Windows

1 stick butter
12 oz nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 bag mini colored marshmallows [I can usually find these only during the Christmas holiday. If all other places fail to sell them, they are usually at Walmart]
3/4 cup chopped pecans
1 bag of coconut or finely chopped pecans (some people don’t like coconut in my family)
Wax Paper
Saran Wrap 

Melt butter. Add chocolate chips until melted and let cool. 

When chocolate is cooled, add in marshmallows and nuts. marsh choco

Stir together.

marsh mix

Pour coconut or chopped pecans into a pile on wax paper. 

Gather together a small portion of the chocolate and marshmallow mixture, about one cup. Roll the portion into the pile of coconut or chopped pecans. This will be messy. Try to work it into a jelly roll shape. Don’t worry if it’s a bit lopsided.

ch wnd 1

Rip off a square of saran wrap and lay flat. Take chocolate mixture with coconut or pecans, and lay it at one end of the saran wrap. Take the short end and tightly wrap the chocolate mixture. Continue to do the same with more small portions of the mixture until used up. It will make five to six rolls.

ch wnd 2

marsh pecan
Here it is in a pecan roll ready for the refrigerator

Let it firm up in fridge overnight. Slice in rounded pieces like a jelly roll to serve. When sliced the colors of the marshmallows will show like “church windows.” 

Note: This makes a LOT of church window candies. You can cut the recipe in half to make only three rolls if necessary. Check out the finished product below, in both coconut and pecan.

chrch wm 2

chrch wm


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    1. Eh, that’s what the new year is for, to work it off, at least it is for me. I didn’t just read this. Throughout Christmas week, I ate one of those entire rolls. I’ve got to lose double your 5 pounds!


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