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Happy First Birthday Lori’s Lane

preserve lane wmI never thought I’d make it a week, let alone an entire year … and counting!

“You need to social network,” my fellow authors told me. “Get on facebook, twitter and start a blog.”

Aww, pahtewy! I didn’t want to have to figure out all the technical stuff to put together a blog. I already didn’t like facebook. It felt selfish somehow.

Then, an author friend of mine opened up his own e-publishing business and wanted to publish my memoirs. It was a slow going process, but suddenly, right at Christmas 2011, he had it ready to go up on amazon. Get a blog up – now!

So, I figured out the most basic post I could on Wordpess and viola! As time went by, I learned more about how to use that dashboard thingy, but even still find it complicated.

The feedback and interaction got me hooked on blogging! I even posted about my addiction in Confession from a Novice Blogger. Check it out if you have a minute, it’s kinda funny.

This blog took front and center and I neglected my writing. I had no idea how many great people and talented writers I’d meet. 

In person, I’m usually quite social, but I don’t like the conversation going only one way like on fb. I prefer learning about others just as much as sharing my own stuff. This blogging medium offers me the back and forth dialogue. I love it!

snoman angel 2So, thank you to all who read and/or follow me. I am honored and humbled. I look forward to continuing our blogasphere relationship.

Side note: For any who might be interested in the recipes that I had on my recipe poll back on November 30th, I’m going to post another one of those recipes tomorrow, Saturday, December 21st. I usually post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I thought you might like this recipe to make before the holiday.  If you get a chance, come check out the quick and easy treat tomorrow.

On the day after Christmas I’ll be posting an interview blog about my WIP. I  would love for you to learn about my first novel. If you can make it, please come back on Dec. 26th.

Many Blessings to you all, and may you have a warm and wonderful Christmas.


19 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday Lori’s Lane”

  1. And here’s to many more! Keep on blogging, writing, and sharing with your global community. Have a safe and happy holiday season.


  2. I am coming up on a year myself. A year? How can that be? I’m delighted to be on your list of “brilliant” blogs. Blushing now.

    Congrats on this milestone. Keep it up! We love you!


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