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Wednesday Words

angel light 460x800 wmHeed the Call of Christmas

Is Christmas about the hottest new toy,
or is it about love and joy?

Is Christmas about which house has the most lights,
or is it about reaching new spiritual heights?

Is Christmas about the most beautiful tree,
or is it about showing our inner light’s jubilee?

Is Christmas about Santa Claus,
or is it about remembering Love’s true cause?

Is Christmas about gathering family around for perfection, or is about loving everyone even with our imperfection?

Is Christmas about sacrifice and gift giving,
or is it to remind everyone to be forgiving?

Is Christmas about one mystical child’s birth,
or is it the symbol of rebirth for mankind and our true worth?

Is Christmas about only one man,
or is it about the light of Christ in us all and our eternal span?

Perhaps Christmas is meant to remind us to heed the call,
to awaken to the great light of goodness inside of us all.

by Lori (L. Virelli)


13 thoughts on “Wednesday Words”

  1. Lori, this is so beautiful – you got so much meaning into this too. That is also how I question what Christmas has become, even if I am not believer.


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