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Christmas Rocks!

Are you a fan of traditional Christmas music?

I’m not.

To each his own, of course, but even when I was a kid I didn’t like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Although, I did love the songs on my Partridge Family Christmas Album. Not that they were real rock music, but even before my tastes were fully formed, I was leaning toward rock.

So, Saturday, my husband and I decided to check out what type of last minute seats we could get for a rock concert.

Anyone get where I’m going with this? Ever heard of the Trans Siberian Orchestra? The mix of classical with rock makes for a powerful sound. They add an exciting twist to the old Christmas songs, and create their own instrumentals, like Toy Shop Madness and Wizards in Winter.

We found two great seats available for the three o’clock show. We weren’t allowed to bring in a camera, so our cell phones took some lousy pictures. But, considering the bad shots, you can still kind of see our great seats.

trans 12

I thought parents would be bringing their children to the three o’clock show, so I braced myself for lots of kids. Boy, was I ever wrong. Half the stadium was older than us. It surprised me to see so many senior citizens. They were a little tame in their enthusiasm,(I’m a shouter who dances in my seat), but it was  delightful to see them smiling and enjoying the show.

The concert is a spectacular mix of laser lights, pyrotechnics, hydraulic stages

trans 6

and awesome musical talent. The singers are all phenomenal. It even snowed inside the stadium … in Florida! Sorry, we tried to snap a shot of the sparkling flurries but the (cell phone) camera wouldn’t pick it up.

trans 7

We were going to go last year, but then I had that two-month bout of vertigo that started on Thanksgiving Day. I’m very pleased we made the decision to go at the last minute this year.

If you aren’t familiar with them, here is a sample in a music video. Thanks for sharing in it with me.


10 thoughts on “Christmas Rocks!”

  1. Looks like you had a blast! I can just picture you dancing in your seat. I am listening to the song now and enjoying it. I like many different kinds of Christmas music, traditional and otherwise. Thought of you last night. Have been dreaming about different blogging friends ever since you shared your dream.


  2. I listened and it was o.k. but not really for me but I am glad you and the others enjoyed it. The world is large enough for us all to like different things. Must have been a really good time for you since this is your type of music.
    I listened all the way through, too!


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