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Memories in Present Tense

~ Shopping with my laughing Grandma who includes strangers to join in.
~ Peeling off heavy winter coats inside the mall.
~ Bundling back up with those same coats, plus scarfs and gloves to ready ourselves for the cold blast on the way back out of the mall.

mits candy

~ Baking “snowball” cookies with Mom. Rolling the dough into little balls, then poofing them into a mountain of powdered sugar while still warm.
~ The aroma of garlic and anchovy sautéing in olive oil  (aglio olio) at Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve.
~ The myriad of welcome friends and relatives popping in and out of Grandma’s house.

gram coco del ~ Going back home and having Dad point out the brightest star in the indigo sky and telling me it’s Rudolph’s nose.
~ Joining my best friend and next door neighbor, Nancy, for midnight mass.

NL 8th grad 2 ~ After mass, exchanging gifts with Nancy in her kitchen. Her mom sharing in our joy.
~ Christmas morning, Mom and Dad with cups of coffee in their hands, all smiles, soaking in the joy of their children digging for gifts under the tree.
~ Grandma stops by to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over our latest new-fangled toy. Perhaps even a pong game for the television!Nana bw
~ Christmas Day at Nana’s (Nonna’s) house with my favorite cousins. We get Dad to play a game with us and Uncle Jim. It turns out to be a competition between the two grown brothers, and we kids giggle as we watch their antics.
~ Not wanting it to be over, and going home from Nana’s house seems all too early.
~ Waking up the day after Christmas to play with all my new toys.

Ahh, the innocence of youth, and memories to last a lifetime.

Anyone else have lovely memories of Christmas past to share?


7 thoughts on “Memories in Present Tense”

  1. What delightful memories in presence tense! So sweet. Who knew about Rudolph’s nose up there in the stars? Maybe your dad is winking down beside Rudolph at you this Christmastime.


    1. Yeah, Dad’s probably winking at me from Chicago, down here in Florida. Heh. I was very fortunate as a kid. Those family times are long gone now, but I’m grateful to have the memories. Thanks for reading them, Kathy.


  2. Going Christmas shopping a day or two before Christmas, and then sequestering ourselves in different rooms (no peeking allowed!) to wrap our presents for one another! 😉


    1. Lock those doors. 😉 A tip I found helpful for wrapping presents is to wrap them on an ironing board. It’s easier than bending over a bed or a table because it’s adjustable. Thanks for sharing your fun memory, M.


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