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If you love the Season

Do you love Christmas and/or the holiday season? If so, would you decorate the inside of your house if no one but you would see the decorations? Would you put up a life-sized tree?

xmas fire

If you had only one person to spend Christmas with (spouse, parent, sibling or friend), and you could choose anything you wanted to do with that person, what would you do?

Would you take a trip to an exotic land …

exotic beach

… and dance with the locals?

latin dance

Would you cook like you would for a family, put together a feast for the table and celebrate just the two of you? Would you show gratitude for the food and each other, then relax while watching football?

set for 2

Would you volunteer at a shelter to help others on Christmas Day? Christmas Eve? Both?

Florida chores in December

Would you treat it like just another weekend day off and catch up on some chores?

If you loved Christmas, but this happened year after year, how many more options for the holiday might you be able to find?

I “once” knew a man who said he’d be perfectly happy all alone on Christmas with no one around. No family. No friends. Just all by himself with no one to have to bother with. His name wasn’t “Scrooge,” but it might as well have been. He didn’t want to have to deal with family and all the fuss, but he felt trapped into doing so. Do you think he meant it? Do you think he’d like that type of holiday every single year? I wonder if his wish will ever come true.


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