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Award Etiquette Falls by the Wayside

I’m so blessed and honored that my blogging sister, vivacious, vibrant Viveka nominated me for blog of the year 2012.

I wish I had more time to follow the award etiquette, but here is my lovely friend Viveka’s blog.

I recently added a blogroll titled Brilliant Blogs I Discovered on the column to the right. They are who’d I nominate. Viveka’s blog is also there titled Myguiltypleasures.

Thank you to Viveka and all who read my blog.


10 thoughts on “Award Etiquette Falls by the Wayside”

  1. Congratulations, Lori. How delightful for you and for remembering me! May we all continue to be virtual friends in 2013. (Even though I stay forever behind in reading all my blogging friends wonderful posts).


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