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Shouting from the Rooftops

I’m not sure why I haven’t been more excited about a big goal I reached one week ago today. I mean, it’s been two and a half years, you’d think I’d be shouting it from the rooftops.  “I finally did it. I finished my first novel! Yahoo!

I think I’m reserved about it because I still have a ways to go. I mean, it’s all written … all thirty-three chapters, plus prologue and  epilogue. However, I need to go back to the beginning and start editing.

I usually write in the first person, nonfiction memoirs. Oh, I’ve played at some fiction here and there, but not anything serious for publication, until now.

Since this was my first fiction, written in third person, the novel started out a bit shaky. Getting further and further into the story was like practice, and the more I practiced, the more my writing improved. Not to mention, I got priceless help and tips from my wonderful writer’s critique group. So, I do have to go back and clean things up.

I had many interruptions while writing this novel, from a surgery, to a two-month bout with vertigo, to getting my memoir anthology edited and published. I also started this blog during that time. I became obsessed with blogging. I still love it, but I found a happy medium between blogging and writing. Okay, well, maybe I still give blogs (mine & others) a little more attention.

Would you like to know what my novel is about? Keep in mind, my stories all have some sort of introspection for growth.

My working title is called Saving Whitaker, but I’m still not set on it. It’s about two women who are sisters-in-law. They are married to brothers, and both of their marriages are pretty miserable. They each meet other men and get the opportunity to be unfaithful. Do they choose the path of infidelity? Do they grow and learn from the consequences to their decisions, or do they continue to make the same mistakes over and over? I’ll give you a little hint, the people in my writer’s group had many in depth discussions on the choices of these women. Make for a good book-club-book maybe? I sure hope so.

Hopefully it won’t take another two and a half years to edit, and you’ll be able read it soon.

For today, I celebrate a little less reserved with a hip, hip, hooray and a hallelujah!

Thank you for sharing in this accomplishment with me.


25 thoughts on “Shouting from the Rooftops”

  1. Although there’s still a lot of editing to do, it’s still a BIG accomplishment. I went through the same thing. First I had to edit the book myself, then sent it to my beta readers and then now to my editor. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a wonderful process because you will just get better and better. By the end of it, you feel more confident about your work. I’m sure you’re proud of yourself. It’s an accomplishment and you did it! Can’t wait to read the book!


    1. Thanks so much for checking it out, and for your support, Corey. I’m not even thinking about publishing yet. I have so much editing to do first. I’m not as quick as you. Must be my age. 😉 At least that’s my excuse.


  2. Ohmygoodness, I almost missed sharing your great accomplishment with you, Lori! How wonderful is this??!! A thousand congratulations for reaching this milestone. You are inspiring to me.


  3. Now the work begins. Be sure to get a copyeditor to go through it once you think it’s ready to publish. You’ll be amazed at what he/she will still find. I am a copyeditor and author, and I have another copyeditor look at my own writing because we often don’t see our own mistakes. Putting your writing out for the public to see is such a personal thing. You want it to be the best it can be.
    Congrats on finishing your first novel. It’s a very exciting time in your life as an author.


    1. Thank you, Anneli. I have my own editing to do even before I do the copy editor. I’m not sure yet whether to look for a publisher, or self-publish. I’ll decide when I’m finished editing, but I’m leaning toward self-publish for ereaders. Books are much more affordable for readers that way.


  4. Congratulation, Lori … I wish you the best of luck and I hope of all my heart that you can get it published. So pleased for you … wish I was able to get it published for you. You have to send out copies and copies … to publishers now. The tough job starts now.


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