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Living Through Bloggers

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Even though I experienced a taste of the fall on my visit back home a couple of weeks ago, where I live, I don’t get any change of seasons. So, I’m blessed to live those changes through my lovely blogger friends.

I  see the last of the leaves dropping off the trees in Kathy’s UP blog.

The emotions the four seasons bring to our hearts and souls through blogs like Pete’s.

Or, Terri’s blog sharing Halloween holiday fun.

Ahh, the memories it brings back. Do the seasons changing still bring back memories from childhood for those of you who continue to live it through adulthood? I moved to Florida after becoming an adult, and reading your change-of-seasons blogs transport me to another time. I want to thank you.

I originally started to blog about the sad happenings of the last few days, but decided it best to be grateful, try not to dwell. I’ll schedule time to cry later.

I’ve waited patiently all week (if whining and complaining means ‘patiently’) for the forecast-ed weather to change from hot to comfortable. Unfortunately for you northerners, it must get blustery where you live for the weather to be nice here in Florida. Stay safe to those of you who may experience Hurricane Sandy. It’s very strange, because I’m usually the one hunkering down. This time I’m typing this out by the window enjoying a pleasant breeze.

May everyone stay safe and warm.

15 thoughts on “Living Through Bloggers”

  1. The change of seasons definitely brings me back to childhood. As much as I sometimes complain about the winters here, they make me appreciate the other seasons so much more!


  2. No matter how sad or frustrating life can be at times, I want to let you know that your blog inspires me. Your blog is one of my favorites and I’ve nominated you this morning for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award! – Please stop by and pick up your award!


  3. I am sorry that you have had some sad days, Lori. Hoping they weren’t too awful. Thank goodness for our blogging friends who open our eyes and thoughts and dreams further than our own problems and challenges, sometimes. I am nervous as heck about Sandy and my daughter out there on the East Coast. Have even eaten a chocolate bar and bought a bottle of wine for later. It’s going to be a long day or two…


    1. Hi Kathy, sad weekend because we (in my circle) lost a couple of wonderful people from this earth. Also, broke a tooth and need to get into a dentist. My last experience (with dentist) landed me in the hospital. Didn’t mean to get it all out in a comment to you. Anyway, trying to be grateful and thinking good thoughts for your loved one. Some wine sounds like a great idea. Hugs.


  4. You can have some of our ice cold strong winds that we have today. Very cold nights lately down to -6C. Far too early, but not much we do about it. I wouldn’t to live without the 4 seasons with their pluses and cons. Wish you a great week.


  5. This morning, Sandy’s winds were civilized enough to let me trek to the pharmacy to get my husband’s meds and make a final, last minute shop on the way home. She’s starting to bluster now…xoxoM


  6. How nice to share the seasons with other blogger friends even though you have only one. I could never live in Florida, however, I know that there are situations where one has to live there. I’m so sorry for those who live there and wish they lived somewhere else.


    1. Years ago, we needed to move here for career and financial reasons. I’m banking on some day, at least by retirement, we’ll get out of here. Who knows where life will take us though. Thanks for understanding, Linda. The weather is great now though. I don’t mind so much from the months Nov. through Feb.


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