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I woke up on my birthday last Wednesday feeling pretty lousy. Not only was my age the reason, but one of my many ailments had acted up. Just a reminder of what’s to come in the years ahead of me.

Every morning I read a prayer book, so to speak, as it’s more like daily affirmations. Each reading has the day’s date on it. After I read it, I do a brief time of prayer and meditation. I’d like to share with you what it said on my birthday date. Timing, Divine Providence, synchronicity, or whatever you want to call it, usually comes through when we need It.

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Title for October 17, 2012 reading: Let Go, Let God.
If I place a package of flower seeds on the shelf instead of planting them, I will retain the seeds, but never see them grow into beautiful, fragrant flowers. Keeping the seeds may give me a sense of control, but I will never enjoy them fully until I plant them and watch as they grow into their full potential.

I take note of times in my own life when I hold on too tightly. If I cling to problems and concerns, they become my focus. No solution arises when I am fixated on lack and limitation. But as I let go of worry, I allow God to work freely in and through me, and my full potential blossoms. As I affirm: ‘I let go and let God,’ I stop the cycle of worry. I focus on the power of God within and my opportunities expand.

A God-inspired transformation is taking place in me now.

I am sending my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you. ~ Matthew 11:10

~ From Daily Word A Unity Publication)


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  1. Lori, I really admire … you that you can find your strength and comfort in your believes. So happy for you. Me not the believer … even if I can be thankful to life and people around me, that creates my world. Beautiful written.


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