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Is the reflection telling us the truth about how we look?
(For use of photo, please attribute to Lori and this blog.)

                                       I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.
                                     ~ Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface.

~ Some people will believe anything.
~ Some people hear what they want to hear and not necessarily what’s really being said.
~ Sometimes when people accuse someone else of something, they are projecting their own flaws.
~ Sometimes people purposely accuse someone of a crime that they themselves have committed in order to get the focus off of them.
~ Some people lie so often they start to believe their own lies.
~ When a lie is told over and over again, many people get brainwashed into believing it’s the truth.
~ Some people believe lies because they’re afraid to face that they’ve been fooled.
~ Sometimes when lies are exposed, more lies are told to cover up those lies, until everyone, including the liar, can’t distinguish between a lie and the truth anymore.
~ Some people continue to believe the liars even when their cover-up lies are completely ridiculous.
~ Some people believe there are no absolute truth’s, due to perception.
~ A cheater has to face themselves one day, no matter how much they try to spin their cheating as “perception.”

Someone lied to her, and she believed she was an ugly ducking.
(For use of photo, please attribute to Lori and this blog.)


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. I believe my own lies to and about myself, and try to not at ALL believe the bad ones. That’s the challenge. Great post, cool pic too- thought provoking.

    I think many are impatient so don’t get to the heart of things or can’t articulate so it comes out skewed. We often aren’t very precise with our dialogue/language. THAT is nauseating haha


  2. Just love that “Chicago Cloud” – stunning and people has so much fun with it. Great feature in Chicago, but they have loads of great art.
    As a child I lied all the time, mostly because I was so lonely – and I made up people from names I heard on the radio … and I believed my own lies. That carried on for years and years. A child it was so bad that my mum toke me to a psychologist – the story about that .. was that I was in there with him for ages and my mum got a bit worried, when the doctor came out he had a big smile on his face and said that she shouldn’t worry because with my personality I would look for excitement and I wouldn’t need to lie anymore. And how right wasn’t he.
    If people has a boring or sad exciting is it so easy to spicy it up a bit with lies. Then people lies for other reason too.


          1. He lied *smile – because he never had sex with that woman! *laughing – still I think he was a bloody good president. *smile


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