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Random Observations

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~ Sometimes when someone accuses and/or judges someone else of having a particular character flaw, that same flaw is in the accuser.

~ Sometimes what bothers or annoys us in someone else, means they are mirroring something back that needs to be addressed in our own lives.

~ Some people are afraid to question with boldness their own perceptions and convictions.

~ Challenging our own perceptions means change may be on the horizon.

~ For many of us, change is difficult, scary, maddening, chaotic, orderly, cleansing, thrilling, and joyous.

Disclaimer: These are not claimed to be facts, just a simple human’s observations. People change, we grow, and as such, so does the world.


9 thoughts on “Random Observations”

  1. So very true, and on that note, if we like who we are then we shouldn’t be able to find the things we dislike in others 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    1. So good to hear you’ve been affirmed this good morning, Pete. Been there done that myself (challenged my perceptions). It was quite a challenge but well worth it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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