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Just a Little Tweaking

In my blog, Best Laid Plans, I wrote about how grateful I am with all that I have in my life, and that’s true. I’d love to tweak a few things though.

For example, as my regular readers know, the heat and humidity take its toll on me where I live. So, I’d tweak my life by changing my geographical location (which I will do some day). I’d love to live near mountains (you may get a new neighbor, Pete, or Nick).

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One of the blogger friends I follow has the other thing I’d choose to tweak in my life if possible. She is surrounded by family and friends. She talks to them frequently, perhaps even every day. They go bowling together. They spend a weekend together at a cabin on a lake, boating, fishing, sunbathing and perhaps the occasional drink. (Do you know who you are, my blogger friend?)

She has gatherings at her home on the deck in the summer, and family around the tree at Christmas. Those friends also welcome her for gatherings at their homes. When one of them needs something, she is there for them, and visa-versa. It seems like the perfect give and take.

The olden days when I used to have a family.

The one other thing I’d add is to stay healthy.

I don’t really desire material things, because I have all that I need.

I have faith these things will manifest in my life. In the book Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox, he explains, ~ all causation is mental, … your home, your business, all your experience … are but the manifestation of your own mental status … it is there … in your subconscious mind. ~ This is why I chose my Wednesday Wisdom quote, to remind myself that I can cause that which I desire. Thought is cause and experience is effect. ~ Marianne Williamson

So, perhaps someday I’ll move near one of you, and we will be the kind of friends I described. In the meantime, I continue to cherish what I have in my life today. Gratitude takes a large part in manifesting more good.


15 thoughts on “Just a Little Tweaking”

  1. Oh, Lori! I’m sorry I missed this earlier. I’m way behind on my blog stuff and am just starting to try to catch up.

    I’m glad my post today gave you a little chuckle. Your comment and this post assure me that mine is not the only dysfunctional family in this world. I hate to write negatively, but sometimes it brings me the support and answers that I need. Thanks for pointing this out to me!

    As for heat and humidity, we get plenty of it here in Minnesota in the summer. I don’t think we get as much as you do, and the trade-off is the cold, cold winter! But you’re welcome to move to my neighborhood if you’re so inclined to come this far north! 🙂


    1. I grew up in Chicago, Terri. My grandma was from MN and I have relatives there. I still visit my parents in Chicago once a year. Don’t know if I’ll live that far north again, but be sure if I ever do, you’ll be getting a call from me. What fun we’d have. 🙂


  2. Lovely post. Through location and busy-ness I don’t always get tp see a lot of my friends and family, similar to you. We keep in touch with each others’ lives though, so when we get together we feel like we’ve not been apart, and then I need to retreat for a rest. Funny, we were having a “what if” conversation yesterday, about what if we had enough money to buy a new car… my response was I’d keep my [old] car and do “stuff” with the money, akin to your tweaking. I’m sure new places and new faces will find you when the time is right 🙂


    1. Hey EllaDee, good to see you. It’s good you keep in touch with what’s going on in the lives of your family. I know you’re right, new places and new faces will happen when it’s right. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience. Blessings to you.


  3. Lori, the heat and humidity would be hard, day in and day out. You know, I considered writing a post like this recently. Really missing my family downstate–my mom, dad, brothers & families. Almost drove down to be with them on Tuesday for the long weekend, but realized it’s really too soon to leave Barry after the knee surgery. Sigh… I know a bit of how you feel, my friend…


    1. California is truly lovely. My friends are mostly in the midwest where I grew up. I was thinking somewhere between here (FL) and there (IL). I’d certainly love to hang out with you though. We’d have a blast. You never know. 🙂


  4. Lori .. I think you should move to the mountains, if it’s possible … because to be where you are now – takes it toll on you and you’re not feeling well. Love the photo with your family – what has happen there, not all can be gone or ??? Never had much of family myself … and when mum is gone, it’s only me and my memories left – but that is really okay too. *smile – like this tweaking post.
    Maybe you should move to Sweden .. *smile


    1. I enjoy reading about your life on your blog, Viveka. I had a family when I was growing up, and for a little while when I was first married. My husband and I are a family of two, but I love having friends and family over. I’m a family person, so perhaps it will manifest one day. How cool it would be to be neighbors with you. 😉


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