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Practice What I Preach

We teach what we most need to learn. ~ Richard Bach

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, but I still like to stop by my blog, and the blogs I follow in between minutes here and there. I want to mention a quick little tidbit before I’m off to my appointments for the day.

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My profile says that I’m an observer, thinker, learner, analyzer and writer. Enjoy dogs, cooking, centering, laughing and sarcasm.

The centering and analyzing part of me may sound preachy when I share them on my blog. What I’ve discovered is that they are mostly for me … to learn … to grow. I’ve found that the more I write about it, the more I actually apply what I’ve learned to my life.

If anything I write resonates with you, good, if not, throw it away. We’re all individuals with our own unique lights to shine. 😉

Go shine your light.


14 thoughts on “Practice What I Preach”

  1. Lori … only me want to saying hi – only a couple of days left on my journey. Have a bit to catch up here .. in your world. *smile You’re so right we should shine in our own ligth and not others.


  2. I’ve never thought you’ve sounded preachy. As writers, we all like to share what works for us. And I understand your motives for writing the way you do. It’s much like the way I try to record mostly positive events from my life. When I write about the positive, I feel more positive.


    1. Thanks, Terri. I usually have very strong opinions, but I try to be subtle and careful. i want to be as positive as I can with anyone I come across, on my blog and in person. I appreciate your positive comment. Always good to “hear” from you.


  3. Excellent post. Your profile desription resonates with me as well. Teaching, preaching, communicating, sharing it’s all for good & we each take away something 🙂


  4. Wow this was great to read, as I often think I come off as “preachy” too- and don’t want to. It’s just a matter of affirmation, preaching to the choir. If I say it, it helps to strengthen my conviction. Enjoy your week and hope you don’t have TOO much running around to do!


    1. It’s wonderful to get validation from you too, Pete, about the “preachy” thing. Lots of doctor appointments this week. Ech! Hate sitting around waiting for them. Soon they will be over. You have a great week too.


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