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Who Are We?

We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. ~ Marianne Williamson

Once I had a conversation with an older couple about their teenage granddaughter. They were telling me about how she graduated from high school and didn’t know what to do with her life. She was having an identity crisis and going through a depression. She was put on medication to help her with it.

Me:  Well, she’s young. She just doesn’t know who she is yet.

The girl’s grandmother:  Does anyone ever really know who they are?

Me:  Well, yes, I do.

The girl’s grandfather:  Okay then, who are you?

Me:  I am an expression of God.

The girl’s grandmother:  Well sure, we are all children of God. That’s different.

I was a bit taken aback that people their age didn’t seem to know who they were, or what I meant by “I am an expression of God.” Frankly, it seemed that teenage girl’s entire family didn’t understand their true worth. It explained why the girl might be confused.

I wonder how many people actually know what they are made of. It must be very few, because so many are on medication for depression, anxiety, etc. Humanity seems to be spinning more and more into chaos. If only everyone could discover the truth.

The thing is, even though I know I am an expression of God, it’s very difficult to live like I am. I shared my struggle with using that divine energy inside me in the poem I posted a while back, Model Tree.

I already drafted this blog over the weekend to post for today. A funny thing happened this morning just before I posted. I read the meditations in my daily prayer book, and I came across something that fit this topic perfectly. The Divine is working in Its perfect order once again. I’ve shared it below.

Joel Goldsmith, founder of The Infinite Way, tells us “we have been hypnotized by our cultural history into believing we are less than expressions of God.” I believe it is because of this false belief that we find ourselves in a life of struggle, pain, lack and limitation. Through our committed spiritual practice of prayer, meditation and forgiveness, we take God out of the sky, out of the churches and books, and put God within our own hearts – where we are restored to wholeness and can reclaim authority and dominion in our lives.

Through our connection to the Divine, we get to witness and experience the kingdom of heaven and behold all things made new in our lives….

It is within the context of our oneness with the One Power, that true healing happens, sanity is restored, and the crooked places in our lives are made straight.

When we no longer try to get God to do something for us, we allow God to operate through us. ~ by Ester Nicholson

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17 thoughts on “Who Are We?”

  1. Yes, this is beautiful. Thank you, thank you, for passing this along. Since I don’t read every day, it’s sometimes possible to miss some of these older posts. Lori, this question “who are we?” seems to be at the depth of our spiritual center. When we truly grok the answer, the wise ones say, we’ll be totally at peace. In the mean time, I pause by your hearth and feel again the expression of the divine within.


    1. You are right about this question “who are we?” being at the depth of our centers. And as we seek, so shall we find. Thank you for your lovely response to this Kathy.


  2. Joel Goldsmith is one of my favourite authors. I spent time studying Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind as well and also enjoyed it. A Course in Miracles is also a favourite. I think there are many paths that point toward the same Truth. I share the idea that we all have to find our own way. I learned that it’s such a personal experience. Although, I have found that those of us who live and breath to know who we are, are a rare commodity. It seems most people don’t care or don’t talk about it openly. Having said that, one can get into a lot of trouble talking about such things because the mind always wants to jump in and criticize, analyze or judge. (As you can see, I’m thinking out loud.) I really don’t know the answer or even if there is an answer. I think IT just IS. Thanks for the reflective post, Lori. 🙂


    1. I’m think you’re right, that we are a rare commodity, those of us who live and breathe to know who we are. I meet so few with this goal, and I’m so lucky to have found a few of us on these blogs.

      BTW, I’ve read many of those books you named. Paul Ferrini is another good author on this subject. I also noticed that you quote Eckhart Tolle.The Power of Now is my goal, but I only get rare glimpses.

      Thanks so much for ‘thinking out loud’ here, Marianne.


  3. Nice scene with these folks, great picture to complement it. I think many many walk around confused and sometimes even panicked about the fact that they’re living this life and don’t know why. As a person of strong conviction who absolutely knows that I am an expression of God (what else would I be?) it makes me sad to think of folks feeling so lost and without anything more than they see in front of their faces. I don’t trust THAT at all, I trust what I feel in my heart which is a purpose and that this life and the next is an adventure. I really enjoyed this here. 🙂


    1. Oh Pete, I forgot to mention, that photo looking over the landscape in my blog “Who Are We” was taken in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Not in Virginia by you though. It’s in North Carolina.


  4. Great post, and I love that the Universe provided you with a timely contribution just to underline it. For many years I’ve based my life on “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”, and know that there is nothing human life can deal me that I can’t handle because I’m just the front woman. I have a whole swag of invisible but tangible assistance should I ask, and many times when I don’t. Even if the people around you don’t have it, it will find you and once you have that perspective you let go of fear and can be who and whatever you want.


    1. Letting go of fear is a tough one for me. Even though I know something intellectually, it’s not always easily applied. My blog post teaches what I need to learn. Thanks so much for checking it out and commenting.


  5. As the perfect expression of Divine Self, there is nothing to find, there is nothing to restore, there is nothing to learn, there is nothing to heal…all I need do is remember I AM. Thanks for the reminder, Lori!


      1. Yes, it is difficult. That’s why it’s a practice. And that’s also why we have others around us to remind us. I’m grateful for your reminder! ;D


  6. Lori, I applaud your willingness to step forward and discuss a topic that seems to be becoming almost taboo in our society — the existence of the Divine and our connection with the Divine. Whether we call it/him/her “God,” “Spirit,” “Nature,” or something else is irrelevant. It is difficult to ignore the Divine Presence that surrounds us all and live with even a modicum of peace and happiness. But we must each begin the process of understanding that connection from the place we are at when we first begin awakening to it. As such, no two journeys will be exactly alike.

    To a certain extent, we are all at least a little lost . . . and trying to find our way home. Your post reminds me of a passage from Ernest Holmes’ book, This Thing Called You (in which he shared this divine guidance he received) – “I have placed within you a compass and a chart. There is a course you may pursue that leads to happiness, to wholeness, and to peace of mind and joy. . . . Some day when you sit down by the roadside, weary with struggle, you will listen deeply and you will hear a voice saying ‘This is the path, follow it.'”

    I believe that it is on that path . . . the one that leads our spirits home . . . that we truly find ourselves and all that we are capable of becoming. Thank you for opening up a very valuable dialogue and sharing the love and light. Please excuse the lengthy comment.
    Many blessings, Sloan


    1. Sloan, I appreciate your lengthy reply and I’m grateful for the quote you shared by Ernest Holmes. You are so right about us all being a little lost trying to find our way home. I thank you for reading this post and for your educated input. Blessings to you.


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