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Twenty-seven years ago today …

… when men and women wore their hair long and high, fashionable women wore hats and ankle warmers, a Little twelve-year-old Maiden married a Young Prince (okay, maybe she was a few years older than twelve).

In the years before they met, the Little Maiden attracted attention by fluttering her large browns at the boys. The Young Prince charmed women with his alluring smile and catchy wit.

In this long ago land before the Little Maiden met her prince, she loved visiting local pubs for live music. One evening in a crowded, smoke filled bar, a hot new blues band played. The fedora wearing lead singer blew into his harp and stepped out among the tables in the audience to play.

The Little Maiden who was highly respected in the town and allowed in the establishment, watched from behind the bar. She sat on a stool with her legs dangling, and had a dear friend (Fair Maiden) by her side.

Suddenly, a voice behind her said, “Can I buy you a drink?”

Now, the Little Maiden didn’t want to be bothered by a subject of the land trying to get her into his bedroom. She turned to flick her hand at him with a quick “no thank you.” Instead, she recognized him as a Young Prince, and his glowing smile cast a spell on her so she couldn’t turn away.

The prince brought along one of his subjects, who appeared sweet on her friend the Fair Maiden.

Laughing the whole evening together, Young Prince and Little Maiden stayed until the bar closed down. She gave him her phone number and went home still dazed by his dazzling smile. Little Maiden hoped she entranced him with her eyes, but he didn’t call. His smiling spell almost faded completely away, until ten days later, when her phone finally rang.

They set a date, then another, and another. One night when in downtown Chicago on Rush Street in below zero weather, they fell upon a secluded tavern where they cuddled in front of a toasty fireplace. It was then that they knew they were in love.

Eighteen months to the day of their first date, on June 1, 1985, the Little Maiden and the Young Prince were married.

Several months into their marriage, the Little Maiden learned that her closest friend, the Fair Maiden, was responsible for her meeting her prince. The prince’s subject became enchanted by the Fair Maiden’s tight sweater, and pulled him along to meet the maidens. The Little Maiden is grateful for her closest friend’s large chest, especially on this day, her twenty-seven-year wedding anniversary to the Young Prince.

This is not the end of the story, because another twenty-seven plus years are yet to be written.


13 thoughts on “Twenty-seven years ago today …”

  1. I like that you turned this into a sweet fairy tale. Congratulations to the Little Maiden and Young Prince. May they continue to grow into the Wise Old Crone and the Forest King. May they continue to grow in wisdom, strength, patience, fortitude and spirituality. Blessings, dear Lori!


    1. Thank you for the happy wishes, Viveka. Life isn’t a fairytale, but I decided to turn it into one for this one day. 🙂 Oh, and I prefer happy endings myself. 😉


      1. There fare too few happy endings … in the world. No, life isn’t a fairy tale – but I’m not sure I would like to have it like that neither.


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