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No Monsters Beyond the Gate

by Lori (L. Virelli)

The monsters are back again.
There is always some corner
or closet for them to hide.
These villains are tricky,
manipulating their way in.
Before I know it,
they’ve taken over.
What starts out smoothly
goes awry.
What begins as positive,
becomes negative.
What is meant to inspire,
turns discouraging.
They find a way to darken
even the brightest day.

I flee to the gategate fdp
where I open the door
and clang it shut from the other side.
The monsters can’t get me here,
although they try.
Malevolence doesn’t exist
beyond the gate.
This place is pure.
Only the one I invite
can get through.
It’s my Australian Shepherd.

We escape from
the monsters together.
While strolling along the dirt pathway,
monarchs flutter by,
and the scent of wildflowers
pleasures our noses.

It leads to an old cabin.
Sometimes we sit together
on the ragged wooden steps.
Mostly we step off the path
down a decline to a trickling stream.
There is always a blanket there
beckoning us to sit and relax.

Another trail leads us through the woods,
across a white painted bridge
to a clearing by a still glass lake.
There we soak in the limpidness of nature.

When we trek back to the gate
the monsters are gone.
I open the door and get home safely;
until next time,
when the monsters return.


9 thoughts on “No Monsters Beyond the Gate”

  1. So well written with lovely photos. I found my monsters to be the other side of me…funny, they left when I no longer gave them any space in my thoughts.


    1. It’s what I’m trying to do … not let those monsters hide out in those hidden corners of my mind, or allow them to rent space out in the open either. Thanks for reading and commenting, Linda.


  2. Monsters or demons…yes, I think most of us have them. They stop by and ruin our delightful days. I keep learning the lesson to soften my heart and face them head on. Not to run away from the fear, but to learn to open my heart and be with them. Sometimes they dissolve. Sometimes it’s good to have a cabin to visit. 🙂


    1. I actually got this idea from a guided meditation (recorded) that takes me through nature. If even for a little while, I put away my worries/monsters and melt into the visualizations. I tend to worry way too much. I do like your idea of opening your heart and being with them. Another good thing for me to try in my recent anxiety. Thanks so much for reading and commenting with your wise words, Kathy.


  3. To escape our monsters – isn’t easy … I think it’s better to learn how to dance with them, we all have them. Not a poem reader or “understander” – but this I understood. Beautiful and so are your photos. .


    1. Oh Viveka, I could just give you a big hug. I love this …. “learn how to dance” with our monsters. Thank you. I needed to her that today. ((((Viveka))))


      1. I don’t have any monsters …. but I have some demons that I’m dancing with from time to time – one of my post about them and our dance. – we have nearly the same rhythm, but sometime they step on my toes. *laughter


        1. That was a beautiful piece, Viveka. Brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad you are around for me to have you as my ‘blogging sister.’ Hugs.


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