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The Story of Lori’s Lane

I walked down the lane … I looked at the moon … the moon looked at me and …

Those words were the inspiration for the title of my blog … the title of my life.

It all began when I was … oh … two or three years old. Dad used to make up songs and sing them to me. I loved those songs. He made up the lyrics and the melody for the song above in italics. At the end when “the moon looks at me,” he would stick his tongue out and make the raspberry sound.

I sang that song many times to my nieces and nephews when they were little (since I didn’t have any kids of my own). It was always a crowd-pleaser.

Five years ago, I took a class on how to write memoirs. Each week we (students) had to write a short story about a specific theme. One week the theme was to be about a bonding moment in childhood, another about a turning point in our lives, yet another about our self-image, and so one.

By the time the course ended, we had to put all of our short stories together as a compilation of memoirs and give it a title. I titled mine, I Walk Down the Lane.

For the last assignment, we needed to write about our goals for the future. I showed how I came full circle from the time Dad used to sing me those songs. It felt like my life had traveled on a road with many twists and turns, hoping to find myself. I finally discovered a place in me where I was as comfortable as when I was a child.

Life still has much to teach me, but I summed up the end of my compilation of memoirs like this: 

I am on a continual road of discovery. All that is in my control, is to be aware of my state of mind, to change my mind when it gets out of kilter, and to grow mentally and spiritually as I continue to walk Lori’s lane of life.

As my mom would say, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. As Dad would say, the moon looked at me and said …

10 thoughts on “The Story of Lori’s Lane”

  1. That’s so neat that your Dad sang to you. So did my Dad! He made up little ditties and I unearthed some recordings from when I was a baby, and they are such sweet treasures.


  2. Beautiful. And puts lots of what I’ve read of you into perspective. And your connection to your “land” totally resonates (as I’ve said before) 🙂


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