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Kreativ Blogger Award

Today I am pleased to accept the nomination for Kreativ Blogger Award from my delightful blogger friend, Viveka. She has enlightened me on the culture of her country, and shared many laughs on her blog. Thank you, Viveka. It’s an honor to be a little bit like you. 🙂

Here is Viveka’s link again, myguiltypleasures.

Accepting the award means I must share seven random things about me.

1) My very favorite drink in the entire world is Big Train Vanilla Chai Tea. It cannot be just any Chai. It muse be the Big Train brand, which I can find only at It is a powder tea you put into boiling water, but it can be served hot or cold. In the hot, hot, hot, hot heat of summer here in Florida, I love to make it into a Vanilla Chai Tea freeze, by putting it into the blender with ice and milk.
2) I love dark chocolate. I won’t eat milk chocolate anymore because it’s too sweet after getting used to the dark stuff.
3) I have two female bff’s, and both of them live 1,200 miles away from me. 😦
4) My other best friend is my wonderful husband.
5) I have strong convictions.
6) I’m very expressive when I speak.
7) I don’t know how to lie.

Next step is to nominate others for this award, but first, I regret to say that I must decline anymore award nominations after this one. I’ve not been writing anything but for this blog, and need to get back to my life-long endeavor. I do still plan to put up posts anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week though.

I’ve nominated the following because something about their blog touched my soul. Remember, I don’t know how to lie, so I mean what I say.

12 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award”

  1. Thank for your nomination and lovely comments on my blog. 🙂 Here is a big round of applause for your effort in sharing your wonderful personal stories! Clap! Clap! Clap! 🙂


  2. Thank you for nominating my site, I’m honored. I can’t accept though but I wanted you to know it’s appreciated. Thanks again!


    1. I’ve already been posting 3 times a week. I may just put up shorter posts. Something quick when it comes to mind. Oh, who am I kidding … once I get started, it keeps on coming. Heh. Thanks for stopping by and checking things out, Robin.


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