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Excerpts from my Diary Part 3

North Georgia mountains Day 3 – (See Day 1 here, Day 2 here)  Slowwww, morning. Get up and kick around the cabin. Eat cereal, drink tea. Do nothing. Read blogs. Do nothing. Shower. Brush the dog.

We leave the cabin at 12:30 to go into town. We buy lunch at the only fast food restaurant in the area and take it over to a park with picnic tables, alongside a river.

Shhh, can you hear it? The woooossshhhh, of the water flowing. A crisp breeze blows bumps onto my skin.

Our tummies full, we shuffle around the water’s edge. … a fat yellow-jacket buzzes by and the dog tries to eat it. No! No, Max!

We follow a flittering butterfly toward a gazebo. A little slice of heaven. We bask in the scenery for a while.

On our way out of town we stop at a park with a child’s playground. I forget to take photos here because we are distracted when bumping into a little stray dog. He loves Max and wants to come home with us. I inquire about him. He is owned by someone nearby.

We stop by the lake we pass every time we drive into town and take a photo.

Back at the cabin we watch a DVD. Thus far, one of the most relaxing vacations ever. Only one more blog post with vacation photos coming up. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Excerpts from my Diary Part 3”

    1. Hey there. Only one of the puppies are mine. The Golden Retriever was a friend our Aussie made on the trek to the falls. Thank you for the nice comments and checking out the photos. Hope you are doing well.


  1. Georgia, huh? Hm, you could have fooled me if you would have said you’ve been some place else. 😉

    Stunning! Beautiful! Awesome! 😛

    The Gazebo… love it!


    1. I know, Mirjam. Georgia? Really? I said to one of my other commenters that it’s not a very exotic location, but it was beautiful none the less. So glad we went. We’re home now. One more set of photos for tomorrow. Thank you so much for your kind words.


  2. Wonderful so see how fare the spring has come .. where you are – really enjoy this – to be able to share your holiday and to be able to take in the fantastic environment you’re in. Have a great weekend to you both.


  3. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your gorgeous photos of Georgia and the calm serenity of your words. I almost feel like I’m on a mini-vacation when I read these posts. Thank you so much for sharing. Also, I have several scenes in one of my books that happen in Georgia. Your pictures have given me a visual I haven’t been able to find on the Internet. Just beautiful. Thank you, and I sincerely hope you have a wonderful rest of your vacation.


    1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. I know I have a hard time with visualizing some of the environments for my characters, so I’m glad it helped you with a visual. I had so much more written but cut out my words in favor of the photos. I loved snapping away. Home now, but will share one more set of photos tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks again.


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