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Excerpts from my Diary Part 2

Day 2 (read part 1 of my travel diary here) – Wow, my hair isn’t drooping and my eyelashes are staying curled. I guess there is no humidity up here in the north Georgia mountains this time of year. We had April humidity in Florida something fierce already. I’m not looking forward to this summer. So, for now I enjoy this mountain air.

We leave the cabin to check out the area. Max, the dog, is raring to go, even though he didn’t sleep well last night.

First we head to Anna Ruby Falls. Nice paved pathway up the mountain; a bubbling, glittering stream lines our trek.

The weather continues to cooperate. Bright, clear sky, as we stroll under the protective forest trees in the cooling shade.

We meet friendly people along the way. Max even makes a Golden Retriever friend named Nick.

We reach our destination. Had I not pushed aside my ailments, I’d have missed this date with nature. The muscle-cramping climb to the top (only because I’m out of shape) melts away at the breathtaking sight of Anna Ruby Falls. I take so many photos I fill up my digital camera card.

After some time at the falls, we ride into the small German Village of Helen, Georgia. While Gary drives, I delete out some outdated photos to make more room in my camera. Alpine shops line the main street … hand-made wooden toys, trinkets, jewelry, tourist t-shirts, local wines & beers.

We stop for a bite to eat outside here and browse a bit.

I am contented to do nothing more for the next few days here … more photos to come.


14 thoughts on “Excerpts from my Diary Part 2”

  1. Great photos, it is beautiful in the North Georgia mountains this time of year. (Atlanta as well, if you can handle the pollen.) But don’t worry, the humidity is coming soon! We’re lucky in metro Atlanta if we get a few weeks of spring beauty before it is sweltering and humid.


    1. It’s humid hear in FL already, but great to get away from it for a few days up there. Enjoy it before it gets too bad. Thanks for checking out the photos.


  2. Great photos, and the place looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, and will make sure to stop by again to see more of your blog!


  3. Lori, I’m SO glad you defeated those worries and, despite of feeling sick, went on this trip. So happy you had such a great time and share your trip and pictures with us.

    Way to go, girl 😉

    Say how many more parts will be published here? 😛

    PS: Thanks for the likes on my Tulips photos.


  4. You should have taken me with you … could have been the “dog-sitter” – stunning place and stunning photo’s. Thanks for taking me there. You enjoy .. what ever comes along.


    1. It’s not one of the most exotic places in the US to travel, but it sufficed for me. My husband said it was the most peaceful vacation he’s had in a long time. We both needed it. Thanks for checking it out, Viveka. Next time come on along. 🙂


      1. Maybe not an exotic place, but stunningly beautiful and with the spring just around the corner what better place to be. Peace and rest is more important than exotic holiday’s resorts. You, two – enjoy your days with each other and the nature. Love your photo with the leafs shadow. Next time I may come along .. *smile Thanks for the invite,.


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