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Excerpts from my Diary Part 1

If you read my blog last week, you’ll remember I was having bouts of vertigo. We planned a trip months earlier, and I feared I wouldn’t be able to make it. I got meds from the doctor and decided to go anyway.

I took notes in my journal during the trip to the north Georgia mountains. Here are bits and pieces with the added addition of photos.

Day 1 – Worried about leaving home with dizzy spells and head pressure. Viveka, my blogging buddy, can travel with health issues … so can I. We take off for the north Georgia mountains.

Perfect weather the entire way. After some hairy curves half way up a hill/mountain, this is the first sight of our cabin.

Gary runs to the grocery store. Max is a bit uncomfortable in this new environment. This is where he waits and watches for his daddy.

It’s dinner time. Brought some Pasta Fagioli I had frozen in the fridge. It’s only partially thawed upon arrival. We heat it up and serve it in front of our lovely view.

Eerie … it’s the way I describe this silence. We’ve never been to this place before, and where we live in FL it’s quite urban. The quiet here is just what I was hoping for, but a little unnerving to get used to. God lives here in the stillness … the nature. Perhaps it’s what makes me a bit uncomfortable. Never shall I be afraid to allow myself to get close to the I Am.

Here are a few more photos from our temporary home environment.

See the bunny

After dark, a dip in this little pond, and off to sleep. 🙂 (Day 2 to come later)


13 thoughts on “Excerpts from my Diary Part 1”

  1. It looks beautiful. A wonderful place to relax and let nature heal the vertigo. And the tub! Oh, that looks so nice. Enjoy, Lori…


    1. Wish I had my top-notch, UP photo taking blogging friend to take my photos for me. I need a lesson on my Canon Rebel eos. Anyway, giving it a try and thinking of you as I snap. Thanks for checking it out, Kathy.


      1. Thank you for the compliment, Lori, but I still don’t know very many technical things about my Canon Rebel, either. I’m a lucky photographer, I guess.


  2. Good on you, girl – that’s the way to go … lovely views – fresh air … a cozy little cottage. The cabin looks really great … get into the hot tube with a nice glass wine, if you’re able to drink. Just enjoy life – if there is any dizzy spells and head pressure, just lay down .. there will be a new day tomorrow. Thanks for bring me up – honored that I inspire you to go. Life it’s a bitch – just be a bitch back, don’t let it beat you every time. We can’t fight all the time, but we can not let it ruin everything for us. Nothing about being brave or a hero – just about enjoy life so much we have strength to do, the rest can wait for an other day. Looking forward to the next report. Just enjoy as it’s given to you.


    1. Hey Viveka, I’m putting these up a few days after they happened. Will have more in a couple of days. Thanks so much for reading and encouraging me. Hugs.


    1. It’s a nice size for two of us and our dog. Two bedrooms, two baths. A loft with air hockey table, a full kitchen and a wonderful screened in porch with jacuzzi. Low water pressure though. I’m a princess and need my plumbing. ;-P Thanks so much for checking it out.


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