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Italian food speak

I am a Chicago-Italian, so we range slightly different from Italy-Italians, and New York- Italians. However, the way these Italian words are pronounced in the video below, are the same way we pronounced them in Chicago. And, it’s true about the five hour “madanad” on Sundays that they speak about.

I’m sharing this funny video with you today because I’ll be busy over the next few days (if my vertigo holds out). I’m looking forward to sharing what I’m doing here on my blog. I also always look forward to reading more bloggers out there, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch  up with you all too. Hope you find this video as funny as those of us who talk this way (find it funny).  😉

Italian-American Food Speak


12 thoughts on “Italian food speak”

  1. You know, the interesting thing about our blogging buddies is that we really don’t imagine them with an accent. Sometimes I have talked on the phone or skyped with blogging buddies and stared agape to realize they talked like THAT. **grin** I still can’t imagine your words coming out with an Italian flair.


    1. Hee, hee, so true. Although, I probably talk more like you, Kathy, since I’m from Chicago. Da Bears! However, the Italian food words do not come out like English. For example, Ricotta cheese is not Ri-Cot-tah. It’s Ri-caught. 😉


  2. That was funny! Hey, you, keep your head up and your feet down this weekend- don’t reverse the two, OK? Praying for the whirling dervish to end.


    1. Yes Debbie, the problem is, I had something planned this weekend I couldn’t cancel. It’s why the dizzies got me so worried. But, so far so good (with the help of meds). Thank you so much for your caring and prayers. They are working. I will blog about what’s going on later in the week. Hugs and blessings to you.


  3. Ov coorz I send this to alla my goombas. We are New Yawks Talianz. Oh yeah – it’s gravy not sauce. See post ” carl dagostino sicilian women” Just google that.


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