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Did Karma Cancel My Plans?

I originally drafted a happy and anticipatory blog about my Dad coming to visit this weekend. Oh, how joyous an occasion it was to be  … but now … it is no longer to be. Sigh.

A very infuriating turn of events occurred this weekend.

The song, “Home! Sweet Home/There’s no place like Home” rings from my land-line phone. Dad’s ringtone.


“Lori, my blood pressure is sky-high right now.” Dad says. His voice is low, dejected.

Oh my God, is he in the hospital? Is he calling to tell me he can’t make it because his health is critical? He’s so far away and I can’t help him. 

I brace, waiting for him to tell me the bad news.

“They lost my reservation,” he says.

“What? Who lost, what reservation?”

“The airlines lost my reservation. They’re telling me there are no records that I even booked. I’ve been on the phone with them since 1:15pm. It’s now 4:45pm. I’ve talked to two supervisors and countless customer service reps. No one is willing to help me.”

Whew! I’m relieved he’s not sick. “Did you print out your reservation number?”

“Yes, they already charged my Discover Card. The only recourse I have now is for Discover to launch an investigation. The airline will not get me a flight out. They are treating me like I’m lying about making the reservation.”

That was the gist of the conversation. So, now what? Dad has a very busy schedule. It’s unlikely he’ll be able to reschedule for quite some time. Dad says, “It is, what it is.”

I don’t get to see my dad very often. I miss him. Sigh. I hope those “Refreshing, Tears” come so I can release this disappointment.

This situation brought me back to thoughts about Karma. I know I wrote about it before in my blog Losing Faith in Karma, but this is another twist on it.

The airline company was not open to getting him on a flight or giving him any compensation. In the mean time, they set off a chain reaction that brought many other consequences as a result.

  • He won’t get his money back for the hotels he booked.
  • My dad had to cancel his rental car and was charged a cancellation fee.
  • He is going to miss my husband’s birthday dinner.
  • I’m hurt and feeling sad because I can’t see my dad now.
  • My dad is also disappointed he can’t see me.
  • Some friends of my dad’s traveled to their winter home here in order to visit with my dad too. Now they are here and my dad won’t be coming. This adds two more people who are affected by the chain reaction.

Who pays the karma for this one? The many customer service reps Dad spoke to on the phone? The two supervisors? The CEO? Is this some karma debt my dad is paying? Since it affects me, am I paying back karma?

It’s not something vital for me to figure out. It’s just my mind thinking too much again. I did find an article online that seems to suggest my dad and I are being affected by this one-energy karmic flow for something we’ve done. While I do believe in the what-goes-around-comes-around theory, I get baffled when situations like this occur.

Dad’s wife, Kathie, suggested the universe may be protecting him from travel for reasons unknown.

I wondered if maybe there is a different purpose we are supposed to fulfill that our visit would’ve prevented us from fulfilling.

Perhaps there is a lesson we all need to learn, and maybe MY lesson is … to stop over-thinking and let it flutter out into the universe without another thought.

Miss you and Love you, Dad.

Can you tell by my perm and dad's 'stache, that it's the 80's? Too bad we couldn't take more recent photos this weekend.

17 thoughts on “Did Karma Cancel My Plans?”

  1. Karma…everyone has an opinion and a choice. I choose not to give a mini lecture here.
    1. Your dad is healthy and alive
    2. You are healthy and alive
    That is enough for me!


  2. I have thought A LOT about this issue, and the two things that stood out to me as the truest statements in your post are:

    On the one hand, everything is karma. While this is true I prefer not to think of life’s happenings as such, because it’s easy to fall into the “punishment” schema.
    Instead, I am beginning to see everything as just so. The airline lost your father’s reservation, he lost money on the hotel and the rental car. Important people won’t get to see him. It is. What’s more important is how you look at that.
    If you see it as a punishment or karma for what you both may have done in the past, it will be punishment or karma for you. Instead, if you see it as it is and don’t make anything special out of it, it can be something more positive. As you have suggested,
    Who knows? But you have a choice about what you want to do with this situation and this moment. Are you going to see it as a debacle, or an opportunity to express your love from a distance and do something else with the time you would’ve been spending with him? 🙂


  3. I’m SO sorry you didn’t get to visit with your dad. I don’t think this is karma. I don’t think it’s about anything you’ve done or he’s done or anything either of you are supposed to do instead. I think sometimes people just screw up and this time it was the airline. I hope this gets resolved and your dad gets his money back.


  4. Im so sorry that your dad cant make it for the occassion and im relieved it is not because your dad is unwell, hopes he is in a healthy state always. I wonder how the reservation can be lost and its frustrating that he cant get back his money for it, are they really working? I hope your dad will visit you soon, dont worry okay things happen for good reasons, im sure. Smile. Best Regards, Nizam.


  5. I’m so sorry things won’t work out with the visit this time.

    My friend was pregnant the same time I was in 1988. Her pregnancy ended in a stillbirth. She later told me that if the boy wouldn’t have died she and her husband and the baby would have boarded the “Lockerbie” (spelling?) plane…

    Often times we don’t know the whole (outcome) of the story. But we can be sure that ALL things work together for good to them that love God (Romans 8:28).

    I hope everything will work out for you and your Dad. And, best wishes that the visit will be possible soon.


  6. Just looking at your pic … in the 80’s i had a Flock of Seagulls hair”do” … God awful. Cute pair of family members.

    Karma is a funky-doodle doo. As much as Karma is my mantra … it’s got a tricky little twist too it sometimes. I am certain your karma is solid … sometimes karma skips giving us the thumbs up, right … meantime, we’ve been given a few BIG disappointments. GOOD NEWS THEN, right? Upcoming news … hopefully dad’s blood pressure will go LOW LOW LOW, and you’ll get a free trip to see your dad, or vice versa. xo m


    1. Hey Mel, I’ll have to remember that one … a funky-doodle-doo. Love it! I love your outlook too, about how this means I’ll be getting good news behind all the bad news. Thank you for putting back the positive-thinking-thought back into MY thoughts. So glad you stopped by.


  7. Hey Lori, thanks for posting on my page. My view on Karma, especially with regards to your story about your Dad’s travel is that we never truly know the reason why things happen the way they do. It is up to us to find the beauty or lesson in each life event. Maybe your Dad or you needed to learn patience or how to deal with disappointment. Perhaps missing the flight prevented your father from getting into a fatal car crash on the way to the airport. That is what I meant when I said that we just don’t know why things happen the way they do.

    The way I see Karam, is that it is all about energy. The energy we give out through our thoughts, words, and actions eventually comes back to us in the events we experience. This is not punishment or reward, it is simply energy re-balancing itself. In my book, Awaken Your Power!, I talk about the universal laws which include the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect (karma), the law of relativity, and others. The law of relativity says that your perception of any event is your reality. So using this law with your Dad’s scenario, how you and your Dad interpreted the negative events you experienced determined how those events affected you. If you or he got upset and angry then you were the ones who choose how those events impacted your life. If you decided to just go with the flow and say, “I guess it wasn’t to be this time,” then those events wouldn’t be a big deal in your life. The lesson here is to use your mind to focus on the life you want to create (the law of attraction), but accept whatever does happen as the flow of life. Whatever happens was supposed to happen. The use the law of relativity to change how you think to change how you feel. That way you stay in control of your own happiness. Learn more about the universal laws on my website at Hope this input helps your blog.

    Joe Rapisarda


    1. Hi Joe. Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting. I enjoyed reading your articles. I like to ponder such ideas and throw them out there on my blog to learn other people’s views on the topic. I have another blog drafted for future publication about positive thinking. I’ve been a fan of “The Secret” and enjoy this type of discussion. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the subject as well.


  8. Sorry that your dad can’t be there. Bummer. (to match the 80’s picture.) I always wonder about Karma, too, but never get clear answers…


    1. Kathy, your answer says it all. Seems likes it’s what we’re supposed to do, learn to live our lives to the fullest without clear answers. Thanks so much for your support and comment.


  9. What a story … and I feel for both of you – that shows how small we really are in the big picture. Not only to the frustration that he wasn’t be able to visit you – now he has to go through all the frustrations to get his money back too. And for you that had been waiting for this occasion to come along. It ways there is a meaning with everything that happens to us, maybe we don’t see the reason clearly straight away. I don’t agree totally, but there has been times – things has happen for a reason. Hope he will be able to get his money back … and book a new flight to see you.


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