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To My Favorite Writers, Thank You

I’ve been questioning my leadership at the writer’s group as of late, but so pleased to see everyone happy there last night. Some of us weren’t feeling well, but we did good.

I put up a fuss, but finally took my fellow authors advice and changed up my chapter to soften the main character, Ava, a bit. This time they said the scenes flowed together much smoother. Some weren’t crazy about Ava’s naivete about the antagonist at the end of the chapter, but trust me, it did can happen.

Our writer’s group is not a class or a course on writing, yet I learn so much with each meeting. I found it strange how I caught a couple of sentences that weren’t quite technically well-written in their submissions, but couldn’t find them in my own. This is why their input is so vital to my writing. I’m too close to my own work and can’t always see the missing pieces, or sometimes … too many pieces.

It’s important to tell each other constructively how a sentence is awkward, or how something doesn’t seem to fit. Sometimes it’s helpful to give an example as to how a sentence might come together smoother. The writer can then take it from there and rearrange as they see fit. 

How will I get through the next five weeks without a meeting? I’m so bummed I won’t be able to make the next one. I’ll miss you all immensely. Thank you, my favorite authors.


11 thoughts on “To My Favorite Writers, Thank You”

  1. Once I “joined” a poetry writing group. My membership lasted one night. This one guy really tore into me and would not let up. Even the other members were uncomfortable. I left never to return. I am happy that you have a nice group.


    1. That same thing happened to me years ago, Linda. Some guy read one of my poems, tossed it back to me and said, “this sucks.” I didn’t join another group for years, until I found this one. Critiques are supposed to be constructive, not negative. I’m very fortunate. It’s tough to find the right “click” with personalities. Especially with writers. 😉 Sorry yours didn’t work out for you, but keep a look out, there may be others.


  2. You make a writer’s group sound like a wonderful support network. Very cool that you are acting in leadership role. Advice is sometimes very valuable to support this writing process.


    1. Hi Kathy. It’s very rewarding, but it can be tricky dealing with so many different personalities. We had some trouble the meeting before this one, and it’s why I questioned my leadership role. It came together nicely this weekend and everyone seemed much happier, which made me happy. Thanks for reading about it and commenting.


  3. I loved this post. Its fun to go to a writers’ club and share ideas, learn new ones, make new friends and add new vocabs. It definitely helps and benefits all 🙂


    1. I do so enjoy our meetings, even though the last one (before this) didn’t go so well. Sometimes it can be tough keeping us cohesive, but ultimately, it’s very rewarding. Thank you Payal, for reading about it and commenting.


  4. Yes Lori,
    Workshopping is invaluble, not just because of the feedback on your own work, but because, very quickly you find yourself about to write a sentance where the syntax is wrong and you find yourself correcting it before it is on the page.

    Take care.



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