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Hello my friendly bloggers and blog readers.

I’ve been dealing with some health issues of late, but it’s nothing new, it seems like I’m always dealing with something. I just got over a two-month bout of vertigo in January (a nightmare). Now, it’s something else. What else? Who knows. Gotta go in for a blood test. They have an idea what they’re looking for, but I’m getting a full blood-work-up, nonetheless.

Then, this morning a separate issue popped-up, unrelated to the reason why I’m going for the blood work. Now, I have a second appointment to see the doctor this afternoon. I usually have to sit in this particular office for hours. I’m bringing my laptop.

So, every morning after I shower, I go into a peaceful part of the house to read my daily affirmations, with prayer and meditation. The affirmations are from a little booklet with a reading for each day’s date. Guess what the title was of today’s affirmation?


Through the healing power of God, I experience wholeness.

Making inner and outer adjustments in my mind, body and spirit, I reveal my innate wholeness. I am restored to perfection on every level.

In my mind’s eye, I visualize disconnecting from any pent-up bitterness or disappointment that may be manifesting in my body as dis-ease or pain. I imagine the energy of these emotions being drained and replaced by pure healing light from the Divine. This purifying energy stream flows through me, undiminished by and diagnosis or prognosis.

I am grateful for the healing taking place within me now. Every cell and system of my body responds positively to the healing power of God within me as I connect to wholeness.

~ Unity’s Daily Word

But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; for I noticed that power had gone out from me.” ~ Luke 8:46


14 thoughts on “Fixable”

  1. Been thinking about you all day… Wondering what time it is at your place and if you are already/still at the doctor’s office.

    Lori, I pray for a healing touch of the Lord Jesus in your life. Yes! Yes, He still heals today. He is a living, healing, loving God! Have faith, Lori.

    Hugs & Blessings


    1. Thank you Mirjam. Got the blood test done. Won’t get results back until next week. Trying not to think about it, but I feel the good, positive prayers filling me up. Got meds for my other issue (uti). Hopefully it’ll be cleared up by the time the test results come in. Keeping the faith with you Mirjam.


  2. Hi Lori, I hope you get well soon! Ever since I started blogging, and learning new stuff in the blogging world, I have got the most tips and/or suggestions from you, so I kind of miss you in the blog circuit when I dont hear or see your latest posts 🙂 You are a good virtual friend, and I would pray that you heal soon from within, and continue with your encouraging missions in your blogs 🙂 If you would like to look for something new and some travel photos, then you can check out my free ebook link :, where I am giving a token freebie gift to my friends till 31st March. The ebook is available in multi formats including kindle, nook, online view, pdf, EPUB. take care 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Payal, and I appreciate the free offer for the ebook. Would you believe I don’t even have an e-reader yet? BUT … I just got my husband to download it on his tablet for me. I look forward to reading it.


      1. Lori, of course … you should and will do !!!! Faith is the last thing we will give up. Will be thinking of you and please keep me posted about the results.


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