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Rain, Rain Come and Play …

… go away some other day.

RAIN, where are you? Why have you abandoned me? You know how much I love your sound, your fresh scent and comforting spirit. Why have you stayed away so long? I told everybody on my blog the last time you came to visit, and you haven‘t been back since! Even then, you only stayed for an hour. What gives?

The sun is blaring, and without you rain, I’m beginning to see mirages. The thought of not seeing you and enduring this heat until next November seems unbearable right now. I may have to take a trip north to escape the sun’s captivity.

Those know-it-all weathermen say that April is the driest time of the year. You aren’t forecast to show up in the next ten days, and April is almost here. Please prove them wrong, Rain. Please come back and visit for a while. Just flow in gently and stay a couple of days.

You’d think it’d be good that the sun always shines, but I miss you, Rain. If you want, I’ll get down on my knees and beg, or would you prefer a rain dance?

How about a gift? I’ll be waiting for you with gratitude if you come and visit very, very soon.


11 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Come and Play …”

  1. Love the rain sounds and the cleansing of the air. The Pollen Alert Light has been on all week, keeping poor folk like me locked up with AC on to filter. Rain has been foretold by the fore-tellers but lo it does not appear.


  2. Wonderful … somebody else that likes rain – even if it rains where I’m. Love rain – love the sound of the rain – I know maybe your cry for rain is on a total different level, because you are in a hot environment … we can’t live without rain. Hopefully it will come soon your way.


  3. I don’t wish for rain, though I’m grateful it stayed away over the weekend. The weather man says we’ll get some tomorrow. I’ll tell the rain to go your way when it’s done here.


  4. I miss the rain too, it’s been awhile. Long warm dry winter and early spring. Go figure! We usually get lots of action down here in April, so let’s hope it’s a wet and wonderfully green and lush month. 🙂

    Wonderfully expressed here, it totally resonates with me.


  5. I wish you rain, Lori. May it come and drench your world with its wet beauty and fresh scent. I’m sure you’ve lured it to come with your blog…


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